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Jerald Simon’s newest book, The Dawn of a New Age, is a refreshing set of New Age style intermediate to late intermediate collections. 12 pieces are included in this book, beginning with the easiest piece and progresses to the most difficult.

The 12 original piano solos composed by Jerald Simon are:

1. Morning Star

2. The Sands of Time

3. Reflection

4. Song of Serenity


6. Utopia

7. The Dawn of a New Age

8. Heaven on Earth

9. Hereafter

10. Tranquility

11. Destiny

12. Resolution

As you play through the pieces in this book, you will notice the repeated left hand patterns. Jerald wanted to teach left hand “New Age” patterns to better help pianists create music of their own. As with all his books he gives tools students can use to practice these patterns and feel comfortable with them before learning the piece itself. Once they are comfortable with the new pattern with the practice steps he provides, they are set up for success in learning the piece. The other thing that I appreciate about this approach is it lends itself for plenty of “teaching moments” and ideas for students to branch out. It allows them to gain skills and ideas that will inspire them to make their own music.

Jerald was recently interviewed by the Standard Examiner. It is a great read, plus be sure to take time to view the short video clip. You will be able to hear an excerpt of one of the pieces in The Dawn of a New Age called Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth- Jerald Simon

I enjoyed playing the pieces in The Dawn of a New Age. The book is packed with inviting, pleasant and refreshing pieces that are waiting to be played and shared!

If you have heard Jerald Simon in any kind of workshop or event setting, you will know that he thinks of himself more as a music mentor to his students. He encourages them to explore, create and make music often. This is something that shows in his compositions and I have really come to appreciate.

I have never been lucky to see Jerald present a workshop in person, but I have had a chance to view some video’s, one of which was a workshop for teachers on how to motivate piano students to play the piano. If you haven’t seen this video, be sure to check it out here.


Jerald is offering 10 PDF copies and 2 spiral bound copies of The Dawn of a New Age as a giveaway. Everyone who receives the PDF and Spiral Bound books will all receive a free MP3 download of the album as well (the album is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and all online music stores. Thanks Jerald! To enter this giveaway, leave a comment sharing what your plans are this summer and if you use new age style music in your studio. Deadline to enter is this Friday, May 23rd 10:00pm (az mountain standard). GIVEAWAY HAS EXPIRED

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  1. Anna Fagan

    I’m teaching a reduced schedule this summer — Monday through Thursday most weeks. Have a couple of Ensemble groups scheduled, which are always lots of fun! I do use new-age style music in my studio. I have several students who really enjoy it! Would love a copy of this new book 🙂

  2. staceynicolemcdonald

    I would absolutely love to win these books as I’m looking to get my students to explore and create more on their own! Plus I’d just love to hear some new music! My summer plans are pretty much the same as the rest of the year but with some added vacation time! Yay!

  3. Coila Peterson Robinson

    Jerald writes music that is very pleasing to the ear for listeners, and fun for the pianist to play. Always good stuff! I especially like his Jazzed about Fourth of July – lots of good American folk songs and patriotic. I would love to have a copy of this book!

  4. Lori

    I would love to win this! This summer I’m teaching a few lessons and preparing for my fall “Music Around the World” theme. I use some New Age music with students. They really enjoy Jeanine Yeager’s pieces.

  5. Coila Peterson Robinson

    oops! forgot to put this in! I love late spring and summer because we can relax a little in the studio, and work on moving forward in the methods (for those in method books) and explore other ideas such as jazz and improv and composing! And I sometimes use Jerald’s Mary had a little lamb book to get the kids thinking about ways to improvise.

  6. Claire Westlake

    I could use some new music in my studio! Several of my students do not want to play classical music but love the New Age style. I also am in charge of the DVMTA Facebook page and would share this new find with our readers. We are always looking for new music, apps, etc. to post.

  7. barbgrout

    Sounds like wonderful music!

  8. barbgrout

    I am teaching a piano fitness camp this summer and one if the activities is playing in an ensemble together. I could use this music for that and also I love to lighten up in the summer so this would be perfect!

  9. Valerie

    I am teaching some piano olympics summer camps for the first time this summer! I’ve only used a little New Age music in the studio, and I would love to expand our horizons with this!

  10. Amy

    I would love to win this drawing! All of my students would really connect with Jerald’s music, especially my boys. This would be a fun change of pace to our regular routine…

  11. Yen

    It will be winter soon where I live, teaching is schedule to continue. Have been paying close attention to Jerald’s work since reading about Variation on Mary Had A Little Lamb. Would love to have a chance to check out The Dawn of a new age and share with my students.

  12. Heather Watson

    Hi I like to play New Age music by E Weiss it sounds so relaxing! During summer months I like to relax with students and enjoy some creative performing based piano camp! Let’s us all unwind after a busy year!

  13. Karen Sholtes Gibson

    I will continue to teach through the summer although I get a 2 month break from the preschool music classes I teach. Other than that, there is always the magazine to get published every month and I have a number of other projects I hope to get too (both music related and not). We love New Age music in my studio, such a wonderful jumping off point.

  14. Geri Miller

    I am planning to give some private lessons and a couple of group lessons/workshops mainly during June and July. Some of my students are learning New Age pieces. I would love Jerald’s latest New Age book so I could expose more of my students to his compositions!

  15. Sophie

    I haven’t yet taught any New Age music in my studio as most of my students are still beginners. However I have a few older transfers and this sounds like a great way to expand their musical horizons! Jerald’s writing/teaching approach sounds fantastic.

    My plans for the summer are a few group lessons before Christmas (I’m in Australia) before I take a holiday myself.

  16. Dixie Lawson

    I will have a pre-piano camp this summer and plan on teaching compostion to some of my students who continue through the summer. I have a couple of students who I believe will enjoy learning some of Jerald’s music.

  17. Noreen Fredriksen

    I always teach in the summer. I love New Age music and so do my students. My students will love Jerald’s music.

  18. Lisa

    I am teaching two days this week. I have always used New Age music in my studio. There is so much you can do with it and it’s a great tool for our students to learn from

  19. Valerie

    I’m teaching piano camps this summer. Six camps in three weeks, I must be nuts!

  20. Jane Berkowitz

    I’ll be working on composition and improvisation this summer with my students. I would love to incorporate new age music.

  21. Gail

    My studio is active year-round and we use the summer to prepare for our annual Fall Recital. We’d love to explore The Dawn of a New Age!

  22. Ann Dillman

    This summer I will not be teaching as I am traveling to visit a granddaughter and then to another state to welcome a new granddaughter. I’ll use the time to plan for fall.

  23. Jessica Quigley

    This summer, we are working on movie music in my studio! The kids are all so excited about it, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun too 🙂 I have a couple of teenage students who love New Age music, and this book would be a perfect addition! I am in need of some new music in this genre.

  24. leiaslessons

    Please enter me! Plans for this summer are summer camps, and then I’m taking two whole months off to travel and spend time with my family! 🙂

  25. Janeen

    My summer is going to be filled with church camps, grandchildren, teaching piano, and furthering my knowledge of teaching piano. I really want to be introduced to Mr. Simon’s music to incorporate into my teaching. This book would truly be a blessing to me and my students, who love to play New Age music.

  26. Karen T

    My summer will consist of teaching and two piano camps. Students this year decide if they want to continue in their regular books or do supplement material.

  27. Connie

    This sounds wonderful! I have been planning to incorporate New Age music into lessons and encouraging students to improvise on chord progressions in this style, so this will be a perfect resource for me to get started! I plan to have students play some fun, easy music for individual lessons, and also doing some group ensemble lessons and have the different groups play for each other at an end of summer piano party!

  28. Jeannie

    Adults will continue as usual but kids will do one summer camp – 4 hours – in June and then in July.

  29. Teresa

    summer camps and regular lessons

  30. Carla

    Love Jerald’s books. I use Cool Kids series a lot. My favorite is Triumpant. No summer camp this year.

  31. Brad

    I also use the “Cool” series in my studio. Boys especially like the songs. I will do two summer camps this year.

  32. Karen

    I have some of Jerald pieces and enjoy them. Would love to try out his latest stuff! I’ll be doing a composition activity this summer with my students who are mostly beginners.

  33. Rhoda

    No summer camp — I basically teach adults.

  34. Beth T.

    I intend to teach a reduced schedule for the month of June (exam candidates, a few keeners & adults) & then just do a few “a la carte” lessons in July & August. I do teach contemporary style (jazz, blues, rock, pop) in my studio (can’t stand the term “New Age”!)

  35. Heidi N

    I teach for 8 weeks out of the summer including some outdoor group lesson games and enjoy vacation time with family. I could use more New-Age music in my studio and have some boy students who especially love the jazzier pieces.

  36. R. Jeannie

    When is the drawing for Jerald’s new book?

    Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 20:12:56 +0000 To: [email protected]

    • foxxpianostudio

      Deadline to enter is this Friday, May 23rd 10:00pm (az mountain standard).


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