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I’m sure you have seen the Hoberman Sphere before and thought it was pretty cool toy. But have you ever thought of a way you can incorporate it into your lessons? Well now you can!

I will be using the sphere in my studio to visually demonstrate: dynamics (perfect for crescendo and dimuendo!) and articulation (sfz, accents…). You can even demonstrate it for phrasing and breathing.

In case you have never seen one of these, here is a short video sample of the sphere expanding:

I had bought the Mini Hoberman Sphere that expands to 12 inches as I didn’t think I would need one that got really big. (The one in the video example is a mini sphere) I received mine last week and am excited to start using it especially with those visual learners!



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  1. pianolearner

    i’d never seen one of those before.


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