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If you aren’t familiar with the software Piano Wizard, then you are in for a treat. Years ago I bought Piano Wizard to use in my studio with my students for some sight-reading fun during lab time. Piano Wizard is similar to Guitar Hero (but so much more!). Now Piano Wizard is creating an iPad/iPhone app but needs a little help getting it off the ground. So they created a kickstarter campaign.

If you aren’t familiar with kickstarter, it is a website that allows the average person kickstart a project when they otherwise wouldn’t have the funds to do it on their own. I LOVE this because it is a major support system that really can’t go wrong. I decide what I want to invest and many times that investment includes the project but at a discounted price. No money is taken from me until the project is completely funded. If it doesn’t get fully funded, then it doesn’t go forward and the people behind the project figure out where they want to go from there. If it does get fully funded then they have the money to make things happen. Once the project is complete, I as an investor of the project through kickstarter will receive what was agreed to when I invested. Really it’s a no lose situation which is why I love it! Supporting something I want to see happen + being able to see it happen and using it = success!

The Piano Wizard app is super close in getting fully funded. So I wanted to just give them a shout out and pass along the word if you are interested in seeing this app become a reality. You can check what it is all about here.


  1. creativologist101

    Thank you for sharing our project.

    • foxxpianostudio

      You bet! I hope it is successful! Best wishes!


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