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One of my favorite IOS app and also included on Mac computers is iMovie. Last year I decided to do a studio movie trailer for my website. You can view the Hidden Treasures trailer here…

I just finished up my trailer for this year and will be adding it to the home page of my studio website soon. You can view the new Piano Olympic trailer here…


Doing a movie trailer for the studio is a lot of fun, and a great advertising resource as it creates excitement for those watching. And it’s easy to do!


  1. fame1444

    This is so cool, Jennifer! iMovie is one of my favorite apps too. Your students are so blessed to have you as their teacher!

  2. Julie Cleveland

    I absolutely cannot for the life of me figure out iMovie on my MacBook Pro (don’t have iPad yet). How/where can I get help!? Like with the cool graphics (opening credits, end credits, background music, etc.?). I especially love the top one, and the end credits LOL with your name over and over again, brilliant, Jennifer!

    • foxxpianostudio

      Do you have your iPad yet Julie? 😉 The iMovie app is much easier to work with… My studio movie trailer from last year I did from the app. This year I wanted the trailer that was on my Mac. It took me FOREVER to figure out a problem I was having to put in the still pictures. Googling for help didn’t well… help, but finally it did, thank goodness. Anyway so I remember too… the trick is I had to go to File- Convert and then the camera icon was available to use and insert pictures and more! That is when you are doing an actual movie trailer. I heard it’s fine if you are just doing a slideshow.


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