Piano Training Camp (Part 3 of 3)

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Music Beach Volleyball- Version 1: Students catch the ball and do a musical act (ie: create the musical alphabet with your body…) that is on the ball wherever their right thumb lands. Version 2:  Students catch the ball and answer an interval question according to what letter the right thumb lands. (ie: right thumb lands by D. I ask them what a 4th below D is…)




Musical Darts- Students throw velcro balls on dart board and names symbols and definitions.




Step Skippin’ Along- Board game where students move according to the step and skip staff cards.


Musical Draw, Say, Play or Act- (Game Idea from Wendy Stevens) Students spin and then choose a symbol flashcard. If they land on draw- they draw the symbol. If they land on say- they say the definition, if they land on play- they play it on the piano and if they land on act (my favorite!) they act out the symbol for the other students to guess!




Musical Duck Duck Goose- Version 1: With Rhythm Version 2: With Pitch. Duck represents a certain rhythm or pitch and Goose represents another.


Sticks and Puddles- Students are given an interval and step/skip over/on the puddles and sticks. (This is a helpful product to have in the studio created by Rebekah Maxner)



Here is a sample video of Rebekah using it with her students…

Puddles and Sticks

Build an Interval- Version 1: Taking a note flashcard, then spinning an interval and finding it on the keyboard and/or staff. Version 2: Throwing a beanbag on the keyboard and/or staff and naming the interval.



Musical Hot Potato- A fun iPad flashcard game from the Music Flash Class iOS app, where students answer the note within a time limit before the hot potato buzzer goes off!

Here is a video of students playing the game…

Ear Training with Intervals and Melody- After learning some ear training tips and tricks, students practiced their aural skills and a couple apps (goodEar Melodies and goodEar Intervals) figuring out intervals and melodies by ear. We did this round robin style.


Screamin’ Match – Similar to Old Maid, In this music symbol matching game students are finding music symbol matches by taking a card from another students deck. However, there is a fun card in the mix called the Screamer! If a student takes this card, the other student yells “Music” (or just screams) and everyone now knows who has the screamer. (Screamers are worth the most points).


Musical Parachutes- Fun with rhythm, tempo, pitch and articulation changes in the music. See more here.




  1. Betsy Ogden

    What is the music hot potato game called? I tried looking it up on iTunes but couldn’t seem to find the musical version of it. It looks so fun!

  2. Betsy Ogden

    Scratch that. I just found it. Thanks so much for all of the info. : )

  3. foxxpianostudio

    For anyone else wondering what app the hot potato game is from, it is from an app called Music Flash Class.


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