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If you are familiar with MakingMusic.net then you may have heard about the exciting app that is in the works. Andy Fling of MakingMusic.Net is in the process of developing an app called iPiano Tutor for the iPad. This app actually reminds me a little of PianoMarvel if you are familiar with their program and was something I was hoping there would be an app for.

Andy started the journey in developing this app in October 2012, with initial plans and designs. After securing the interest of app development company Jiffy Software (developers of Cut the Rope) they turned the focus to fundraising through Indiegogo. If all goes as hoped they will begin developing iPiano Tutor in April 2013. The anticipated date for it to be ready is this summer!

I would recommend visiting Indiegogo to read details about this app and view the video to see what it will entail. I personally am excited for it and plan to donate.

Before blogging about this app, I had a few questions for Andy. I thought I would share what I learned.

I first asked if we should look at this app as a method book tool or more of a supplementary tool.

“I guess you could regard the app as being an interactive method book. Eventually, all of the piano sheet music from MakingMusicFun.net will be available for in-app purchase. The advantage that iPiano Tutor will provide is that kids will now have tools to practice more effectively. They will be able to select two measure phrases for example, hear how they sound, and then practice them effectively. One of the most exciting things is that this musical phrase touch selection feature will get kids thinking in terms of phrases, and practicing part-to-whole instead of beginning to end.”

I then asked if there will be a way to email scores to teachers when students play this at home?

“Yes, you will always be able to get a printable version of the sheet music at MakingMusicFun.net. Teachers may also download the app, and have the sheet music on their iPad as well.”

My next question was regarding the feedback/scoring system. I asked if it will simply give a score or will it highlight the mistakes made (notes, rhythm, etc…)?

“By accessing the “Listen” feature student will receive immediate feedback as to weather they played the note/chord correctly. Each time the student plays a note/chord correctly the cursor will acknowledge their success, and then advance to the next note/chord. Highlighting the incorrect note sounds like a great idea, and something we could look into incorporating in the function of the app. Thanks for the idea!”

He went on to explain a little about the funding opportunity…

“The one thing I would love to make sure teachers and student don’t miss is the money saving opportunity they can have if they they join our development team.

At the $25 Level iPiano Tutor app owners will be entitled to all sheet current music titles at the time the app is published to the Apple App Store, and all future sheet music titles when app it updated. If they wait until iPiano Tutor is available to the public they will be able to download the app for free, though will be given only five sheet music titles to test drive the app, and then will need to purchase the rest through in-app purchase. If they join our development team all sheet music titles on each update will be sent directly to their “My Music Library”, providing significant savings.”

Thank you Andy for answering my questions. If you have any other questions for Andy, feel free to contact him on MakingMusicFun.Net, Facebook or on his Indiegogo page.


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