Halloween Festival 2010

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Halloween Festival last Friday night went well.  Instead of doing the pass along Halloween treat/poem game that I had done the last two years, we did a Halloween sound story.  This was a lot of fun.  Each row had their own “sound” assigned to them (ex. ghosts would making booing sounds, etc…) and then when I came across their word they would do their sound.  Every time a sound was made the treat would pass to the next person.  At the end on the last sound (where everyone screams) the winner of the treat is the one that ends up with it when everyone screams.  It turned out great!

Here are some pictures from our Festival…

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  1. Michelle

    I played your pass-along poem game for Halloween group lessons this week. My students loved it…thanks for sharing! Do you have a copy of your sounds story you would be willing to post? Thanks!

  2. foxxpianostudio

    That’s great! I’ll post the sound story soon… 🙂


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