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Once a year about mid to late October I give my students Christmas books so they can start learning their Christmas music for our annual Christmas camp and/or music at the mall performance. While I like to give suggestions to what I think they would enjoy (or what I would really LOVE for them to play) I always have them make the final decision on what they would like to perform. It is inevitable that I will have a handful of students that want to play… can you guess it?

Yep! Jingle Bells!

But what if… you had a book that could make this “problem” into a fun solution! Jerald Simon did just that and recently released a super fun book called, “Jingle Those Bells” “Jingle Those Bells” features 7 fun arrangements of Jingle Bells.

The Jingle Bells variations range from Ballad, Pop, Rock, New Age, Boogie Woogie, Blues and broken Russian!

Wouldn’t it be fun to do a Jingle Bell recital? Or maybe a Jingle Bell showdown performance. So many fun possibilities. Jingle Those Bells is for the intermediate to advance student. You can see previews of each piece plus download a sample copy of Jingle Those Bells over at Music Motivation.

Because of all the fun ideas spinning in my head now, I am hoping Jerald does some elementary variations too!

You can watch Jerald playing all the pieces in Jingle Those Bells over on YouTube.

Jerald has offered my readers a 15% off discount on anything from his website including Jingle Those Bells! When checking out, just enter musiceducatorresources as the coupon code and you will automatically receive a 15% off discount on EVERYTHING you purchase from his website. Thank you, Jerald, for your generosity! He has some great music out there so be sure to browse!

You can read past reviews that I have done of Jerald’s other music by simply putting his name, Jerald Simon or Music Motivation into the search bar.

Jerald has offered to giveaway 5 free PDF copies and 2 spiral bound copies to some lucky teachers! Whoohoo! Just click the Giveaway picture below to enter!


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