How Do You Clean Your Piano Keys?

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Every once in awhile this question will come up in the Facebook forums and it is a valid question. How do you clean your piano keys? Over the years I have tried several different ways to clean my piano keys. I thought it would be a fun post to share my experience with the different things I have tried. Your experience with these might vary…


Soap and water

The first way I used to clean my piano keys was just good ol’ mild soap and water on a cloth.

Pros: Easy and cheap

Cons: Was it really removing all the bacteria? Not totally sure.

That seemed to be fine and then I discovered…

Cory Key-brite

I used Cory Key-brite for a few years but didn’t always like the feeling it left on my keys after I would use it so I would switch off between keybrite and the cloth.

Pros: Was made specifically for cleaning piano keys

Cons: A little more costly, seemed to leave a little residue behind, has chemicals


Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Fast forward, I heard about someone using Clorox disinfecting wipes and I thought, brilliant! Of course, that would work well! I did that for awhile but again, didn’t like the feeling it left on my keys. And then I heard someone share that she noticed the disinfecting wipes actually removed some of the shine from the keys. Well that definitely ended that.

Pros: Easy to use, “kills 99.999% of bacteria”

Cons: Chemical, in order for it to do it’s job, surface must remain wet for 4 minutes (according to the directions), leaves a slight residue beyond, might take off some of the shine from the keys.

Norwex Enviro Cloth

Then a year or so ago I discovered the Norwex enviro cloth and I was sold! Now before I go on, I want to mention that I do not sell for Norwex. But what I discovered did change my life in many different ways. I knew about Norwex for at least a couple years before I saw this video (or one similar to it) and it totally blew me away.

Wasn’t that amazing? With this one video I realized that if it can clean a counter with raw chicken on it to the point there was no sign of bacteria left then can you imagine what it would do on piano keys? You can say I was sold! (Of course, I was sold on other things too but this post is about cleaning our piano keys.)

Pros: Easy to use, long-lasting, proof that the bacteria will be gone, no chemicals

Cons: Initial investment (but this turns into a pro because it is cheaper in the long run)

Now that you know how well it takes away the bacteria, check out this picture Janet Harrison (piano teacher) shared with me. She said, “I love sharing this picture from one of my piano families- she had tried a lot of different methods to clean her keys, nothing worked until she tried Norwex!

Picture used with permission

Isn’t that amazing? Love that! And last, here is a GREAT video showing 3 different products perfect for the piano, especially if you have a hi-gloss piano like I do. She used the Dusting Mitt Blue, EnviroCloth and Window Cloth in the video. And then if you want to clean under the strings, check out the EnviroWand! (Side tip- For cleaning the keys, Norwex has a trial pack of the EnviroCloth. They are basically small versions of the cloth and are the perfect size for cleaning the keys. That is what I use with mine.)

If you are interested in going the Norwex route, you will need to find a Norwex consultant or someone is doing a Norwex party. I know a few consultants, so if you don’t know anyone who is holding a party, I am happy to pass along their information. Just let me know!


The great thing about the enviro cloth is I just simply get it a little damp and then wipe the piano keys down. Super quick and easy and no chemicals! I also wipe down iPads, computers, computer keys, door knobs,  you name it! Even the cloths have gotten stains out of my carpet. They really are amazing.

Okay, enough of that (I really could go on and on…). What do YOU use to clean your piano keys?

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