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If your students are anything like mine, they are often curious as to how the piano works. When they come for lessons, many of them will stand up and look inside the grand as they play a note totally fascinated at what is going on inside. I use that as an opportunity to talk about the basics of how it all works but this year I wanted to bring in my piano technician so he can take out the action and REALLY show how it all works. (He even voiced it so they can hear a before and after difference!)

My first attempt for scheduling our special guest at our fall group lessons didn’t work out but it did for spring! So I just had my technician come out to first tune my piano since it was due and then he stayed an extra hour to speak to the kids. Some students were on spring break or had other commitments  this particular week so I had a smaller group than I would have otherwise, which actually worked out nicely as far as everyone being able to see everything.

Here is a short video I put together of our group lesson. I had prepared a game and a piano origami project from the teacher resources over at just in case we had time left. We ran out of time, which was fine (one student was able to whip hers up real fast before she left) so I just gave them the origami handout to take home to do. The kids loved the group lesson and it’s something I would definitely do again and again.

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