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Leila Viss and Bradley Sowash have done a lot of fun projects together over the years. Every summer they hold a special session for teachers at their 88 Creative Keys workshop in Denver, Colorado. And most recently they will be holding a 2-hour webinar coming on April 22nd called “Groove Your Theory“. (It will be available to view later if you can’t make it that day)

Now if the title itself didn’t sound like fun, you can be confidant to know that when you put these two together you are in for some super fun and creative ideas.

The idea for the webinar stems from Bradley’s regular use of backing tracks in his lessons. He designs unique exercises for his students to build their technique and improvisation which in turn, builds theory knowledge all within a groove. Leila shared that she enjoyed taking his ideas and whittling them down into bite-sized exercises for even the most basic skills.

The webinar will be packed full of ideas that will build your skills at the keys and save you lesson time as you compress theory, timing and technique into one activity. The exercises and tips Leila and Bradley will provide are perfect for private or group settings.


The Groove Your Theory webinar will include:

  • The BEST way to create your own lead sheets in iReal Pro.
  • A bunch more ideas of how to use iReal Pro to teach and build theory, timing and technique simultaneously.
  • Grand staff notation of the drills included in the webinar.
  • Numerous resources and additional apps and software that help you reinforce theory and create backing tracks.
  • Specific exercises designed by Bradley Sowash that he uses at every lesson to enhance technical skills. Then he’ll go the next step and demonstrate how these fundamentals are the foundation for developing red-hot improvisational skills for you and that of your students.
  • Yes, there will be handouts and time for questions!

The $49 webinar will be 2 hours of practical and fun teaching ideas that you will be able to use with your students right away. Now isn’t it time to Groove Your Theory?

Just push that “play” button below to find out how to register! By the way, if you have ever participated in the 88 Creative Keys workshop or registering for it this year, you can get this webinar for FREE! Find out how by clicking below!



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