Oops! Didn’t see this coming!


So most of you are aware that I recently changed my blog host. Here I thought everything transitioned over which made me so happy. But then after yesterday’s post, I noticed I didn’t get it in my email inbox. So I looked on the blog to make sure the email subscription link was still there and guess what? It’s still there but none of the subscriptions transferred over in the transition. Yikes!!!

So what this means for you… If you like to have my blog posts go directly to your email inbox so  you don’t miss anything, you will want to go to re-subscribe to the RSS feed. You do this by simply entering your email address in the box that is located on the upper right side of the blog post screen. It will look like this…Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 9.17.07 PM

This will get you back on track on not missing any blog posts I make.

While you are at it, I would highly recommend subscribing the email newsletter. This is different than above. It is where I will give monthly freebies, share discounts, highlight posts, resources and more. You will only receive a newsletter email about once maybe twice a month for the most part. If you are not sure if you have subscribed or not (the email list is nice and safe by the way), go ahead and do it again as it won’t put you in there twice if you are already there. Here is the link for the email newsletter. (BIG TIP: The January FREEBIE will be coming a little early. It is something you will WANT to use in the New Year with your students. It will be coming to your inbox right after Christmas in the email newsletter! Be on the lookout.)

Sorry for the inconvenience. When it comes to big transitions it seems like there is always something, right? Thanks for your patience and understanding!  Hope you will join me in your inbox soon. 😉


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