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This week was one of my all time favorite group lessons! The reason? I had a special guest come to present to my students. The special guest was a Dad of 3 students I teach. I knew he had a pretty cool music background and a lot of instruments but it wasn’t until I had him come in did I really get to experience the wealth of knowledge and experiences he had to share.

This made me think, what other hidden talents do my other parents have that would be fun for them to share with my students? Have any of you had parents come as your guest before for a group lesson or camp?

This particular group lesson, I wanted to focus on instruments. In his presentation he went through and showed us what was one of the very first instruments found back in the stone ages. It was a flute type instrument made from an animal fossil. And then from there he talked about different instruments and showed, played and let the students experience. It was so much fun! I thought I would share some pictures and a video montage I pulled together so you can get a little taste of it as well. After he finished with his presentation (he had an hour but could have easily gone even longer), I then took over and we focused on medieval musicians and instruments since our theme this year is a medieval theme. I knew I would have limited time (my time was a half hour), which is why I decided to change the first challenge of our quest to be more of a game challenge instead of a worksheet challenge. My original intentions was to have my students do the first challenge during lab time, but then it took a completely different direction which workout great!

Enjoy the pictures and video! Group1Group2



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  1. Heather

    This is great! What a great idea to involve parents in group lessons. You can tell everyone’s really enjoying themselves. Love the girls dancing!

    • FPSResources

      That is one of my favorites. I loved they got up and started dancing. 🙂

  2. lynnkie

    man, this guy covered so much in a short time! he’s a treasure! i hope he gets lots of opportunities to share his knowledge and enthusiasm around

    • FPSResources

      I know! It was crazy and so awesome! 🙂


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