September Small Goals


I can’t believe it’s already September! I thought I’d link up and share some of my small goals this month. In September my goals are…

#1- Make exercise a priority. (Graphic by Ashley Hughes)GirlI do much better if exercise is a scheduled thing. For example I’m pretty good at going to my Zumba classes because it’s on the calendar. Though every once in a while I will get distracted and miss and then kick myself later. I have a new instructor that actually kicks our rear (I’m actually sore this morning from yesterday’s class which is unusual) so that definitely needs to be a priority to get there no matter what.

#2- Stay focused on task at hand.focus-glyph-icon_fJUfNp8O

I get so distracted. I’m one that will drop everything to respond to something right then and there. So it’s best to shut everything down in order to stay focused. Close down email, no Facebook, turn off phone- thank goodness for “Do not disturb” on the iPhone and Mac because notifications can kill you!

#3- Drink more water.


I’m so bad at drinking water. I’m great at it when I’m working out, but beyond that not so much. So I need to be more diligent with this. The problem? My bladder… Okay that might have been TMI but I’m sure you understand…

#4- Log in my receipts.expenses-puzzle-showing-invoices-and-payment_fJ5si-wu

I can’t tell you the stack of expense receipts I still need to log for tax purposes. I need to get these done before the ink on them disappear! (Don’t you hate when that happens?)

#5- Catch up on reviews

Hands of white collar worker typing

I took a little break from reviewing and need to get back into it. Have a bunch on my list. So are you ready? If you are interested in having something of yours reviewed, you will want to fill out the form here. I needed a more organized way to keep track of requests.

Well, those are my small goals in September! Want to see some other small goals from other teachers? Maybe they will give you some ideas. Just follow The Yellow Brick Road (just had to say that!) and you can link up too!

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  1. Laura

    Numbers 2 and 4 are big challenges for me. I’m pretty pleased that I can at least say my receipts are all in one file folder, even though they aren’t posted in my computer yet. One of my small goals for the first lessons of the year has been to leave my studio tidy when I walk out at the end of the day. Am proud I’ve only missed one day so far!

    • FPSResources

      Oh yes! You just reminded me of one of my other goals but it’s a “bigger” goal because it’s not a small task to say the least. It’s time to do a major cleaning in my lab room! Good for you on keeping the studio tidy when walking out the end of the day! That isn’t always easy especially at the end of a tiring teaching day.

  2. Valerie Merrell

    It’s always great to have a reminder of setting both personal AND professional goals! Clearly how we are feeling physically affects our teaching, so it’s important. Good luck, and I’ll be working toward some of these same goals!

    • FPSResources

      Thanks Valerie, good luck with yours as well. 🙂

  3. Jennifer

    Thanks for linking up! I know what you mean about receipts. I have a Paypal business debit card that helps a lot with keeping track, but there are still occasionally items in which I have to keep the receipt and sometimes forget. Also, I decided to stay away from work stuff for almost the entire Labor Day weekend, and it was tough. I ended up caving last night and responding to a buyer’s e-mail 🙂 oops…


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