New Music Themed Cards and a Giveaway!


I’m having a blast making music themed cards. These cards are not only great to use with students and their families, but I’m planning on using them with family and friends too! I thought I would share previews of all the cards that are available in my store now!

Birthday (brand new)


Thinking of You (brand new)


Music Doodle Cards– cards the giver or receiver can color! (brand new and one lucky teacher will get this set for free!)MusicDoodleCardsPreview

Christmas Cards (One of my favorites, can’t wait to use!)


Just a Note


Thank You


For the best deal, I’ve also created a bundled deal of all the sets here.


I thought I would give away a digital copy of the new music doodle card set! To enter, just leave a comment on your favorite set of cards and your favorite way to keep in touch with me. (Blog newsletter, Blog post updates, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…) Just curious what everyone’s preference is! 🙂

Deadline to enter is by Tuesday, September 1st, 2015; 10:00pm MST (AZ). Good luck! GIVEAWAY EXPIRED


  1. Dianne C

    I think all of the sets look beautiful, but my favorite are the birthday cards. I like to read your emails as opposed to FB posts because I don’t always get on it.

  2. Morgan Goodin

    I like the music doodle ones! I prefer the FB posts 🙂

  3. Garland

    Love the Birthday set! I follow you on email and fb. I like using them both so I don’t miss a post!

  4. Martha erickson

    Love ALL of them! If had to choose..?”thinking of you”. What a way to brighten up a students day upon receiving one in the mail with a personal note from their teacher?!

  5. Lori

    I really like the “Just a note” cards. I follow you most closely on your blog… through email.

  6. Annette

    Probably the thank you cards, as teachers receive lots of Christmas gifts… I like the email updates. I don’t do FB or any of the other social media sites, though I do have a Pinterest account. Didn’t know you were on there. Will have to look now!

  7. ahjacobahjacob

    I love all the cards. I choose Thinking of you. I keep up with you on your blog newsletter and email.

  8. Jeannie

    Doodle cards and my favorite way to keep in touch with you is your BLOG

  9. MIss W

    Gosh it’s so hard to pick just one….I am thinking Christmas might be my favorite because I often use Christmas Cards as my thank you notes. But, those Birthday Cards are pretty awesome, too! Thanks for making these great sets!

  10. Barbara Smith

    OMG! I love them all!! How can I choose just one set?? Just a Note cards I can send to the parents/students to tell them about all the exciting things their child is accomplishing with piano. I can use the cards to brag about their child, which I love to do. 🙂 I’m pretty sure the students will love having the doodle set of cards to color. I could turn that into an incentive or game, possibly.
    Thank you for sharing. You’ve done a great job!!

  11. maggiejcgeorge

    These cards are all awesome! I love the music doodle set as I could use it as a game. I plan to give these out with my music theory pack for students. I also like the idea of the bundled pack so I have lots of cards to choose from – something for all occasions. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set – that is so generous of you. Much appreciated. xx I keep up to date best by email but FB is good for me too. Thanks again for your generosity and great cards!

    • FPSResources

      Maggie, I’m curious- how would you use the doodle set as a game? Sounds intriguing! 🙂

      • maggiejcgeorge

        I was thinking that each young student (both boys and girls) would colour in their card (that they keep in their book bag) for each specific topic for their level of theory (i.e. knowing their notes, writing scales, knowing key signatures, etc). These cards would then become more colourful as they make progress (similar to the concept of adding stickers to a wallchart, but instead they would colour an item on their own card). Each card would be unique to the student with their own colouring scheme and each topic understood would allow them to see how far they have come. All kids love colouring don’t they, and if they were allowed to colour the items as they reached an understanding of the topic, the incentive is there to keep going. There are usually 10 main things they have to learn for each theory level, so once they have reached the ten, they could then colour the remainder of the card and display it proudly in their room. Then start the next one. I guess I will need lots of cards to keep this idea going… but I think this would be fun for them. I like to have incentives to keep moving along the theory track – this is not competitive with other students, just an incentive/game to complete the task for each student personally.

  12. Geri Miller

    These cards are great! The birthday cards would be great for remembering my students’ birthdays. I like to keep up to date through email and blog posts. Thanks for sharing your ideas and resources!

  13. Jill

    These cards are great! I love the Music Doodle set. My kids are really into making things colorful, even my high schoolers. The blog newsletter email is the best way to keep in touch for me. I like FB too but sometimes things show up in my feed days after they were posted so it isn’t totally reliable for timing.

  14. Kimberly Engel

    My favorite are the Christmas cards, but really they are all awesome! Great job! I prefer FB and blog posts. Thanks for your great posts!

  15. Barbara G.

    I love these! I bet you are having a blast. Now you just need to get up and running with that Silhouette Cameo contraption and there will be no stopping you! I like the music doodle set. Okay – I really like all of them!


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