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Ahoy Matey’s! I’m happy to announce that the Creative Story Compositions- A Pirates Life! is complete and now available in the store! As always the first 24 hours a product is released it is 20% off so grab it now! (Tip: Talk like a Pirate Day is September 19th!)

If you are not familiar with the  Creative Story Composition series that I have been making, you will definitely want to check out this video for an inside look. Creative Story Compositions is a unique way for students to meld the story-making and composition process together.


Creative Story Compositions encourages students to use their imagination and creativity and see where it takes them. The composition process is done in a “safe” environment where it helps guide them along their creative path.

Creative Compositions is a great activity to use during camps, group classes, during lab, lessons, sending a page home throughout the year, etc.!

This year my students are working out of the Creative Story Composition- Medieval Quest. I decided to dedicate one page each month for them to work on during lab time. Then at the end of the year (coordinating with the final quest challenge in the quest incentive program) they will pull their story/composition all together.

This month my students have worked on the first page. As suspected, I had a little resistance from a few students who don’t have very much confidence in composing. But with encouragement, every one of them not only surprised me with a creative introduction and melody line, I think they surprised themselves. I can’t wait to bind all their pages into a storybook composition keepsake at the end of the year.

So far in the series there is Medieval Quest, Carnival Circus and A Pirates Life! If there is a theme you would like see in the series, please leave me a comment below! I have some others in mind, but always love to hear what you would like to see!

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