MTNA Conference; Sunday, March 22, 2015: Tools for Teaching Effortless Piano Technique


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IMG_4760I first saw Fred Karpoff present online at the conference. So when I saw he had a showcase I was very interested to see him live and find out more about the Entrada Piano Technique.

While having limited time, Fred shared some helpful technique tips that I was able to apply right away with my students when I returned. I thought I would share a few quotes as this presentation is really a more visual presentation.

IMG_4762“Allow finger to slide – forward motion so it’s not stopping the motion and tone is continuously connected.”

“2 note slur- transferring weight, dim. on 2nd note…, allow arm to be in motion and move forward as the 2nd note is played.”

“1 octave arpeggios- problem- playing with only fingers, fixed wrist. Instead- roll wrist, relaxed effortless playing.”

“If forearm is not fixed, lift forearm, upper arm moving forward allowing wrist to extend makes for a better vibrato.”

“When need to use the metronome play on the slowest beat possible and play on the macrobeat to allow for freedom within the beat.”

“Instead of simply counting, count with “lilt”, expression, singing, etc….”

“When playing look for the 3 dimensional motion.”

You can find more information on the Entrada Piano Technique here.


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