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You might remember, last summer I was able to review a jazz book called Higgledy Piggledy Jazz. A fun jazz book composed by Elena Cobb. If you missed that review, be sure to check it out here.

I’m excited to announce that there is now a pretty neat iPad app that correlates directly with Super Duck, the first piece found in the Higgledy Piggledy Jazz book. This iPad app is not a game app but full of exploration, learning and improvisation all based on the piece, Super Duck.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 5.59.13 PM

When you first open the app there is a brief explanation on what the app includes. Then you go into the Learn mode. In the learn mode you will find audio and visuals of the following: An introduction to the 12 bar blues, 12 bar blues chords, last bar of Super Duck, end of the 12 bars, bring it all together. Remember this is all based on the piece Super Duck. Once they learn these small little clips of the piece, they can record them and self evaluate how they think they did.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 12.02.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 12.02.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 12.02.51 PM

Then they have the opportunity to practice in larger sections. Once they are confidant with the sections there is some improv exercises and examples. If you are familiar with Super Duck, then you know there is an opportunity for students to branch out and improvise their own melody.

The next section is to Master the sections. After they master those sections it’s time for the bonus fun! Playing along with a jazz band! They can choose to play the full score with a slow band and piano, fast band and piano, slow band only or fast band only. When you play the notes will be highlighted as it moves along.

Inside the app is also a video of Elena introducing the piece Super Duck and explaining the color chord system and the full score of Super Duck.

To get a feel of what this app is all about check out Elena’s brief introduction and performance with the app  in this video here…

Super Duck is used with the iPad and is $2.99. You can download it here. The thing I like most about this app is that it is the perfect example of how a student can break down a piece they want to learn when they are at home practicing. It is a great teaching tool on HOW they should practice at home and the success they could feel when they do it this way. The reward is to be able to play along with a jazz band! I try to think outside the box when I learn about a new app or product and think of different ways I can apply them in my studio. With this app, I instantly thought of not only using it with students during lessons, but also it would be a perfect app to use as a tool in my practice workshops that I hold every few years. In addition it would be a great tool to use when teaching about jazz and improvisation. Really it has a lot of possibilities.

Elena Cobb has graciously offered 5 free copies of this app to some lucky teachers and one lucky teacher will even get a digital copy of the Higgledy Piggledy Jazz book! Thank you Elena!

To enter, please comment below on how you see yourself using this app. Deadline to enter is by Saturday, May 10th; 10:00pm (az mountain standard).  GIVEAWAY EXPIRED

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  1. Claire Westlake

    I would use this during lessons to introduce my students to jazz. By the way, I love Higgledy-Piggledy Jazz Elena! It’s so much fun!

  2. Beth T

    I’d love to use this app for my contemporary jazz/blues students. I have Higgledy Piggledy Jazz & my students love it!

  3. Carla

    This sounds like a great resource! I would love to use it to reinforce the process of learning a new piece and to introduce my students to Jazz!

  4. Valerie

    I would love to win. It would be a great addition to my lab

  5. Nicole D

    I just bought the music to this a few weeks ago and having the app to go along side would be perfect! I’m finishing up teaching blues progression in general to a few students before we start Higgledy Piggledy so the app makes it even more applicable to what we are learning now! Can’t wait to try it!

  6. Lisa Shoemaker

    I started introducing my students to 12 bar blues this year and this would be a great next step!

  7. Tim

    I would use this to foster individual and group instruction in my studio.

  8. Karin Boumeester

    I would use it first to teach me how to teach the blues, so I can use it with my students. Thank you!

  9. Heather Watson

    Hi I am teaching super duck to 2 students already – would love to use this app to encourage improvisation!

  10. elena cobb

    Thank you Jennifer! What a fantastic review and introduction for the Super Duck, please let em know if you might have a question and when ready to introduce the winners. Have a fab day and looking forward to hearing from you soon, Elena xx

  11. Juliet

    I enjoy using the higgeldy piggledy jazz book. It would be fascinating to see (through the app) how Elena teaches it.

  12. Margie edgar

    I have some young boys who need to do something different for the summer. I see myself introducing them to blues using the new app and Super Duck. They all love technology so it will help them stay interested during the summer months when they might rather be playing a computer game. I hope I win the digital copy of the book and the app.

  13. Margie edgar

    I decided I had to have the jazz books and amazon says they are no longer available. How can I get copies in the US?

      • Margie edgar

        Thanks so much. I will order today. I’m looking forward to the books.

  14. Betsy

    I love the idea of an app that reinforces the approach to a new piece we all try to teach, plus have some fun with blues!

  15. Susan McAllister-Bee

    Thanks for info about this app and the Higgledy Piggledy jazz book. It sounds fabulous! I’ve been looking for a few new ideas and resources for my summer improvisation camp this year. Every student should learn the structure of the 12 bar blues and tips for making their chords and improv come alive! I will definitely be trying out Higgledy Piggledy!

  16. Karen Lupardus

    Improvisation is something I am uncomfortable with because of the way I was taught in my school years. I have always wanted to learn this technique to be able to teach my students. This app sounds like it would be very user friendly.

  17. Anna Fagan

    How fun! I’ve been wanting to try out these books, and having an app to go with one of the tunes would be a great intro for use this summer.

  18. Lavinia Livingston

    This is just what I need to stir up excitement for summer lessons. Love this app.

  19. Jerry Cornish

    I just had a teen student decide to start working on building jazz sills. This app would really be a boost by making his practice time interactive and provide interesting and rewarding “performances”. I’m sure it will keep students at the keyboard longer each day.

  20. Nancy Saunders

    What a simply wonderful book and app! Would love to use it with my students, especially a few boys who are showing a great interest in jazz.

  21. barbgrout

    I love the piece SuperDuck and would really like to dig deeper with it at my summer music camp. Since I am low on funds, would really like to win this app!

  22. Sue

    Love her music! Who wouldn’t enjoy the music and the app. I’m thinking of a few boys in particular who would really enjoy this.

  23. Lynnette

    I would use the app to show how to break down a piece for practice – great suggestion!

  24. Whitney Hawker

    Love technology mixed into learning piano – this looks really neat to try out with students! I haven’t tried Elena’s books yet either so I’d love to delve into them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Lynnette

    And I think, like someone above said, that it would be a great resource for a summer camp or group activity!

  26. Eva Kwan

    This is great! I see myself using this app and this book with my general music methods class students.


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