Revisiting: Summer Camps and Workshops

Camps and Workshops

Since summer is quickly coming upon us, I thought I would revisit a few posts I wrote last year on summer camps and workshops.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

This summer I am using Sheryl Welles camp, Road Trip USA. I won’t be able to get through all of it, so I picked 3 places we will be “visiting” this year. (There are 5 available). I will also be using Wendy Stevens, Rhythm Cup Explorations during camp! So excited to use both of these resources soon!



    hi Jennifer,

    I have a couple of questions regarding how I should go about doing registration for the fall.

    For returning students, what procedures do you use in having them re-register for the fall? Do they fill out another registration form? If so, do they mail it to you? I do not have a way to post a form on my website yet so I can email them a form. How should I get the parents the form? Once they fill out a registration form, when do you require payment for August?

    When do you start taking new students from your waiting list?

    By when do you require schedule requests?

    Thank you!

  2. foxxpianostudio

    Currently mine can re-register online. But before I had that available I would just email them the re-registration forms and then had a deadline for when they need to turn them into me. I always say on my form that if they aren’t received by the deadline, then I will fill their spot accordingly from students on my waiting list. Then I start those students on my waiting list with summer camp. It’s a great way for them to get excited about their upcoming lessons and meet their piano peers.

    I get my Fall schedule requests at the same time as re-registration. Though I do tell them I understand schedules may change between now and then so I do up a “rough draft” and give it to them the beginning of July. Then they have the opportunity to tell me if there is a major conflict before we start the following month.

    The August payment is due August 1st. This is whether or not lessons have started by then. (And they won’t have) So they will need to either pay online or mail a check.

  3. Cara

    These are a great resource. Thanks so much Jennifer!

  4. leiaslessons

    This is the first year I am running summer camps; I hope they go well! Thanks for all your useful resources!


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