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Back in 2009 Keyboard Companion and Clavier, two of my favorite magazines merged as one making it Clavier Companion. This allowed the best of each of the magazines to become one. I always look forward to when it’s time for the current issue of Clavier Companion to arrive.

Clavier Companion has recently gone through a redesign. While there may be some organizational changes, you can still expect a high quality magazine filled with helpful and educational information.

The first thing you may notice if you are a current subscriber is the logo and cover has been updated to give it a more current look. A tag line, “The Piano Magazine” has been added to be clear that this magazine is catered to you- piano teachers! When opening the magazine, the table of contents are more spacious, which allows you- the reader to find the articles and resources that you are interested in quickly. There is a new section you will find called, “Preludes“. Preludes are short items of interest, tips and tid bits. I noticed in the current Jan/Feb issue Jennifer Eklund’s “Dog Days” book is mentioned (Which has some great music by the way!) as well as many other helpful tips.

The heart of the magazine has been divided into sections. As explained in the Clavier Companion redesigned tour: The first section, Learning & Teaching, will cover the basics of HOW we learn to play the piano and how we teach it to others. Repertoire will deal with the many aspects of WHAT we play and assign to our students. Perspectives will generate a broad range of IDEAS and discussions on areas such as business, psychology, technology, and other topics relevant to teaching and playing the piano.

In First Looks, you will continue to find helpful reviews of books, music, products, apps (by Leila Viss), and other piano-related materials. In addition you will still find the Keyboard Kids’ Companion (perfect for lab time!) and the traditional back-page column Questions & Answersnow written by Sam Holland.

When you click on the picture below you can get a sneak peak of what you will fin in the January/February edition.

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One of the articles in the January/February issue is, “Piano Music Inspired by Art” by Ellen Schorsch. It is filled with wonderful pictures and information that would be perfect to share with our students in a group lesson or camp setting.

Your one-year print subscription to Clavier Companion includes:

  • Six bi-monthly print issues (one year) of Clavier Companion, the premiere magazine for pianists, piano teachers, and piano enthusiasts, and the only magazine in North America devoted exclusively to piano instruction.
  • Annual directory of national and international summer workshops and festivals for students and teachers
  • Regular departments covering a variety of teaching and performing concerns in areas such as: Adult Piano Study, Harmony, Jazz & Pop, Music Reading, Repertoire, Rhythm, Technique, and Technology.
  • Keyboard Kids’ Companion, with composer profiles, practice tips, and fun puzzles for students. Subscribers receive exclusive rights to reprint Keyboard Kids’ Companion in any quantity.
  • New research in areas of practical concern to pianists and teachers.
  • FREE access to Clavier Companion’s digital edition.

When you subscribe to the print edition, you can receive the digital edition for free. Or you have the option of subscribing to the digital option only. To see subscription options for Clavier Companion, click here.

Clavier Companion is a must have resource for every music teacher. 

Exciting giveaway! Clavier Companion has offered to give 5 lucky teachers a one-year digital subscription! To enter please comment below on what you would like to see Clavier companion feature in an upcoming issue.  Deadline to enter is by Monday, January 27th; 10:00pm (az mountain standard).  Giveaway has expired.

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  1. Lynelle Vogel

    I would like to see a review of what people are thinking about the ages to start piano lessons.
    Lynelle Vogel
    Music for Life Musikgarten Studio
    Winona Lake, IN

  2. Dorothy Mullikin

    I would like to know how to make CD’s of the student’s compositions.

  3. Nicole D

    Great idea! I’ve been thinking about subscribing for a while now. Thanks for the reminder!
    I would like to see another article about teaching students with visual processing disorders or other learning challenges.

  4. Julia T.

    I would love to see articles on the following subjects featured in Clavier Companion!
    -Building a classical listening library for your students to use.
    -The process for choosing and teaching a new piece of intermediate repertoire.
    -Ideas for incorporating more ear-training/sight-singing activities on a regular basis during lessons.
    -A review of the Suzuki piano method.

  5. Denise Thompson

    I would love to win a subscription to Clavier Companion. A topic I would be very interested in would be how to teach proper technique to young beginners from 5 – 7 years of age. Hope I win!
    Denise Thompson

  6. MrsLorrie

    I would love to read about others struggles with teens that are new beginners — keeping them motivated and focused .
    and I would love to win — as i’m very interested in seeing the Keyboard Kid’s Companion!

  7. Claudia Reinsch

    Would love to hear other ideas on group piano teaching for different age groups

  8. Heidi N

    I would love to read about creative activities for teaching rhythm/theory/ear training “off the bench.” The other suggestions about teaching students with visual processing disorders or selecting intermediate repertoire sound intriguing too.

  9. Helena

    I would like to read an article about elementary level technical development.

  10. Jane Berkowitz

    I always loved Clavier. I let my subscription lapse when I moved, but have missed receiving it. I would love more articles on composing and improvising.

  11. Bethany

    I would like to see an article on composing from lead sheets.

  12. Amber Staffa

    I’d like to see a case study about Suzuki Method for very young students vs. traditional methods

  13. Svetlana Doncov

    I would like to read about teaching very young beginners.

  14. Allison

    I have started teaching as young as 3 year olds — would like to see curriculum

  15. Brad

    any new ideas for keeping kids interested in piano

  16. Rhoda

    update tax info

  17. Teresa

    any new ideas that teachers are using to encourage new students

  18. Jeannie

    always looking for composition new curriculum

  19. Melanie Litton

    I’d like to see how ideas on how to teach kids with disabilities – growth issues, adhd, hard of hearing/sight, etc.

  20. Alyse Korn

    – Research and comparisons of Early Childhood Education music classes for ages birth to 3 (Kindermusic, Music Together, MusicGarten, Suzuki) and the importance of developing skills and readiness for instrumental lessons at an early age.
    – ideas for teaching students with learning disabilities.
    – music technology in the private teaching studio.
    – how to nurture creativity
    – ideas for developing a composition and/or improvisation curriculum

  21. Linda Cordero

    An article on when and how to begin teaching scales would be great.


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