Yesterday was  my last day of Christmas camp (will blog more on camp soon). After our holiday Music at the Mall event this Saturday, I will officially be on break! Looking forward to getting some stuff off my to do list and taking a break.

I’m really excited how well the gifts I made for my students turned out that I wanted to share. They were easy and very affordable! (Which are two important criteria’s for me)

While I was working on plugging in words on Wordle a teacher had posted on Facebook about Tagxedo. I got so excited that there were music themed options and immediately changed my plans.

Here is what my students received…

IMG_1582You will want to click on the picture so you can see them enlarged. I had emailed parents asking for 10-15 words that described their child (what they liked, personalities, etc…), I added in a few more and then plugged them into Tagxedo. Chose a color theme that fell into their favorite color. Printed them out on card stock, put them in a  frame (dollar store) and wrapped them in Christmas music themed wrapping paper that I had found. (Total gift cost including wrapping paper- approx. $1.50 a student.) For my adults I plugged in the names of the pieces they learned over the year so it was a visual representation of what they accomplished (so important for adults to see).


Here is a text I received from one Mom… “Oh my goodness, the gift you made R is amazing!! She loves it and so do I! Thank you so much for everything you do!”

There are times when I have thought about not doing a gift for my students because I hear teachers say that they are the one’s that should be receiving gifts, not giving. And I totally get that. But I just can’t help it. I enjoy giving and it is just a small way of letting them know how much I care for them. When I get texts like the one above, it makes that extra time and effort worth it.