Giveaway extended one more day!


I just got back from a fall break vacation. Tonight was going to be the deadline to enter for the online music teachers conference giveaway but since I need some time to “catch up” I’m extending the deadline 1 more day!

I didn’t have very much time before I left to really put my two cents about the conference in when I sent out the press release. So I wanted to explain a little more about what this is all about since I’m sure some of you might not be wrapping your brain around it.

Here are the top 3 benefits of registering for an online virtual conference:

1) NO travel expenses! (Airfare, lodging, food- all that can add up!)

2) The conference comes to YOU in the comfort of you own home, studio or wherever you decide to log in.  (This means you don’t even have to get dressed up! Watch in your pj’s if you want!)

3) You can log in WHENEVER is convenient for you! (While the sessions will be available to teachers live so you can ask questions at the end if you want, all the sessions will be recorded so you can watch on your OWN time if you can’t log in when it is live.)

So now you have a better idea what this is all about, go now and re-read the press release and enter the giveaway at this link! This is a $99 value! Deadline to enter is now tomorrow- Saturday, October 12th; 10:00pm Mountain Standard time.

You won’t want to miss out! Oh! And did I mention I am one of the presenters?! So excited! Hope you are too!


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