Tech Tuesday: A Tech filled day!

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There are so many things I want to share for Tech Tuesday I thought I’d share several technology tips for you to enjoy this week!

1) If you subscribe to you may already know that there is a new feature called “Lifetime Musicianship” students can do when they log in! I’m super excited for this feature as it will make my life much easier. I currently assign specific games each week, with Lifetime Musicianship I don’t think I will need to do that anymore except on occasions. See for yourself what it is all about with this video. It is still in the beta phase but we are able to try it out now! Thanks MLC for all the work that went into this feature!

2) I had my first podcast interview. It was so fun to be interviewed by Andrea Dow with Because I have listened to Andrea’s podcasts before, her friendly voice was already familiar to me when we connected. Though we have never met in person (yet!) I feel like I already know her. Check out the interview here.

3) Heads up! Wondershare has a brand new product called Tidy My Music. They will be doing a one-day Giveaway campaign scheduled for the 28th of August 2013. (Tomorrow!) I will be reviewing this product soon but in the meantime, keep your eye out for the giveaway campaign!

4) Moosic Studio will be updating their app which will include invoicing sometime this week. When this happens the price will go up substantially! If you were on the fence, now is the time to jump off and grab it. Even if you don’t have your iPad yet, but know you will get one eventually, you can still download it now and sync it to your iPad later.

That’s it for today, more to come next Tuesday!

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  1. Ginger

    As usual, this all sounds great, Jennifer!! : )

  2. Julie Cleveland

    THANK YOU Jennifer for Moosic heads up and reminder!!! Still no iPad (bday Friday, here’s hoping for some $$ toward purchase…) but have keyboard from Sandi B and now will go and get Moosic for lower price. Then going to listen to your podcast!-Julie

    • foxxpianostudio

      Yay! I hope you are able to get your iPad soon Julie! Happy Birthday!


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