Congratulations to…


Marilyn Henry

Lavinia Livingston (already had the app)

Karen Cox

You two won the SightReadMinor app! Congratulations! Email me to receive your download code.


Here are the links to purchase SightReadMinor or SightReadPlus. Enjoy!


  1. Lavinia Livingston

    Hi, Jennifer,

    I am thrilled to see my name as a winner of the SightReadMinor app. Just in time to use with my students next week as we begin the new school year.

    However, I purchased and downloaded this app when I first saw it, before your free give-away was announced because I was so anxious to use it. So I guess you can pass it on to another winner.

    Anything you have in your pocket of give-aways for a substitute by any chance?

    Jennifer, I greatly value your blog and creative contribution to our world of piano pedagogy. As a very, very long time teacher, I am amazed at the spirit of sharing of information so common today. When I began teaching, many years ago, it was in an environment of “I’m not giving away any of my secrets. You figure it out for yourself”. This is a wonderful time to be a piano teacher, thanks to all of you whose intellectual generosity we are privileged to share.

    So pass on my winning SightReadMinor App but I hope to be a happy winner in the future of an app I don’t have.

    Thanks again, Lavinia Livingston

  2. foxxpianostudio

    Thanks for letting me know Lavinia, I will go ahead and choose another winner. And thank you so much for your sweet note. I whole heartily agree! 🙂

  3. Marilyn Henry

    Thanks so much! I know I will use this often with my students.


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