Studio Policies: Part 5 of 5

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The last section on my policy is miscellanous things that you may come across or that may be helpful for families to know in advance…


• Email or text is the best and preferred way to reach me. If you need to cancel a lesson at the last minute, please text.
I check my email several times a day. I let the voicemail take calls during lessons.
• Any borrowed music from the music library that is not returned or is returned damaged will be charged to the
student at its replacement cost.
• Be certain your piano is tuned and in good condition. It is very discouraging to play on an out-of-tune instrument.
Putting off tuning is not cost effective; a piano, which is very out of tune, will most likely require several tunings
over a period of weeks or months to bring it back to pitch. I can recommend tuners/technicians. If your child is
starting on a keyboard it must be touch sensitive, have a pedal, and have at least 61 keys or more. Please be aware
that this will only get them through the first year, maybe two. An electronic keyboard severely limits the technical
and musical skills a student can practice on at home. After that you will want/need to invest in either a full size- 88
key acoustic piano or a good digital piano with weighted keys to get the full benefit of piano lessons.
• I expect students to have washed their hands thoroughly at home or when they get here. Long fingernails preclude
the development of good piano technique, so please be sure they are trimmed short.–no longer than the end of the
finger! This is necessary preparation for every lesson. If they are too long, we may use the lesson time to study
theory. (A basketball player wouldn’t play in high heels!)
• Foxx Piano Studio and Jennifer Foxx are released from any liabilities, accidents or injuries that may incur from the
enrolled student with the participation of piano lessons, group classes, piano parties or piano events.
• During student and group gatherings and performances the teacher reserves the right to use video recording or to
take photographs of students for use in the studio scrapbook, advertising materials, lesson demonstration and studio
owned websites. Photos taken by the teacher OR that are shared with the teacher by other parents or students of
gatherings or performances become the property of the studio and can be used at the discretion of the teacher in
regards to the studio. The studio follows online safety rules in this matter.
• My responsibility to the student is to provide an atmosphere for learning and a well-balanced musical education. Professional standards will be
maintained and definite goals will be established for each student. It is my goal to give your child the best possible music education. I belong to
professional organizations, attend workshops and educational programs, subscribe to professional publications, and engage in other activities on a
continuing basis in order to provide opportunities for professional growth and enhance my own teaching skills.

Disclaimer: Not all of the wordings in my policy are original. Over the years I have come across great ideas in teachers policies that were willing to share so I have adapted them into my policy as well. If you see something that is your original idea, thank you! And feel free to credit yourself  the comments. 


  1. pianoanne

    Thanks Jennifer. I snaggled the bit about video and photographs 🙂 Anne


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