I have a couple things I wanted to go into a little more details after Christmas camp was over. I am excited how cute my gifts to my students turned out this year so I wanted to share what I did.

In week 1, I had students decorate their own canvas bag. I told them to decorate with a Christmas theme, a pirate theme, a music theme, mix and match those themes are do all of the above.

This is what they came up with…





Then before the 2nd week of camp, I gathered their bags and filled them with a note and chocolate gold coins…

Chocolate gold coins



Then I attached their bag to a cute little pirate bear and stuck a candy cane in to give it that “finished” look…

Pirate Bears

Pirate Bear Christmas Gifts

Pirate Bear Christmas GiftI thought they turned out cute and went perfectly well with our theme!

Did you give a gift to your students this year? What did you do?