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Just a little tool tip this week for Tech Tuesday. I am using a free app called Christmas Cyber Scramble during Christmas camp this week. (By the way you can also play this game on the computer!) I use my projector a lot during camps/workshops and wanted to be able to project this app so all the students can see it. The iPad VGA adapter is just what I needed for this. I just plug it from my projector to my iPad and it mirrors everything that is on my iPad so all the students can see the app. Love it!

Just a quick note about the Christmas Cyber Scramble app, we played it yesterday at camp and the kids had fun, it was definitely a more challenging game. The fun thing about this app is you can create players and/or teams. I created two teams. We played up to 10 guesses each. It was a fun and an easy activity to do.


    • foxxpianostudio

      Mimi, in my post click on the word projector, I linked to the one I have. I really like it.

  1. 88pianokeys

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for sharing all your great tech tips. Sounds like your students are having fun this week, they are very fortunate!


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