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I’m curious how many other teachers do a camp during December?  I started holding Christmas camp in December over 10 years ago and will never go back to traditional lessons during this month.  Why?  I would get so frustrated at all the no shows, last minute cancellations, unpreparedness etc… that would go on in my studio during the month of December.  On one hand, I totally understood it- it’s December!  It’s a time to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends.  Gathering, shopping, cookie making, serving one another, is what it’s all about.   But on the other hand there was still things that had to be done, practicing, learning new songs, attending lessons, etc… 

So instead of continuing on with my journey of frustration I started holding Christmas camp.  I offer several sessions during the month to choose from.  Families sign up for what session works best for their schedule that month and everything we do has a holiday/Christmas theme to it.  It’s wonderful!  Early in December students have the option to play their Christmas pieces at Music at the Mall, an event through my local music teachers association.  I also call December On Your Own month to play Christmas (or whatever holiday they might celebrate) music like crazy that month, encouraging them to share their pieces with family and friends when they gather.  It’s a win-win and we all enjoy it!  They come back in January refreshed and ready to finish out the school year.

I will be posting some of my Christmas camps and the Practicing over the Holidays chart soon.  Be on the lookout!


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