Running Your First Summer Camp

Running Your First Summer Camp Podcast I had the fabulous opportunity to be interviewed by Tim Topham for one of his podcast episodes. If you are not familiar with Tim and all that he has to offer, you must check him out. On his website you will find great podcasts, blog posts and resources. His latest addition is the Inner Circle. Here is how I would describe the Inner Circle… Did you ever wish on occasion that you can be a fly on the wall in somebody’s music studio observing their teaching? Just to get a little sample of how they approach certain styles […]

Don’t Forget!

My husband and I are renovating our kitchen cabinets over the next 3-4 days. Wish us luck, we have never done this before! Before I get started on emptying the cabinets, I wanted to remind everyone that there are two deadlines today you don’t want to miss out on! 1) Save BIG (the biggest you will see) on Tim Topham’s PianoFlix program- how to teach pop piano. It’s terrific and is full of great tips and info. Click on the picture below to get your discount and don’t forget to add the code POPPIANO100 to save another $10.00! 2) Enter to win and SAVE 20% […]

PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Teacher Training

Have you heard? Tim Topham, nationally recognized blogger and pop piano guru has recently come out with a FANTASTIC course for piano teachers on teaching pop piano. I have had the chance to take this course and let me tell you it is soooo worth the small investment. If you have students (which I know you do) that want to learn and play pop piano, but you yourself have been hesitant in including it in your lessons, hesitate no more! Tim has broken down everything into 8 video parts. Video 1: Before you Start This video is answering questions such as why teach […]

Tech Tuesday: The Real Reason Teens Are Quitting Your Studio – Part 3: Technology!

I am excited to have Tim Topham as a guest today for our Tech Tuesday feature. He has a terrific blog that you should visit. His posts in this series have been spot on, be sure to check all of them out! Teenagers and Technology – a match made in heaven This is the last article in a 3-part series I’ve been writing about retaining and motivating teenage piano students. The initial idea for the series was borne out of feedback I received from readers of my free Teen Teaching Toolkit eBook. I found that despite their best efforts, many teachers didn’t […]