ASMTA Conference Sessions: Tradition and Innovation Part 2

Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online and Video Lessons By Jennifer Foxx I thought the conference theme this year was a perfect one to share my presentation, Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online and Video Lessons. This is a session where I stress that teaching online or giving a video lesson does not have to be complicated. Sometimes we don’t try something new simply because we are afraid of all the bells and whistles of what is out there. So instead of just trying it, in a more simple way (the bells and whistles can be added later […]

Discovering the Insides of the Piano

  If your students are anything like mine, they are often curious as to how the piano works. When they come for lessons, many of them will stand up and look inside the grand as they play a note totally fascinated at what is going on inside. I use that as an opportunity to talk about the basics of how it all works but this year I wanted to bring in my piano technician so he can take out the action and REALLY show how it all works. (He even voiced it so they can hear a before and after difference!) […]

Top 3 Benefits of Summer Camp

For over 20 years now I have been holding summer camps in my studio. Matter of fact, I hold camps in my studio twice a year (December and May/June) because I find them so beneficial. If you ever toyed with the idea of running a summer camp, I would highly encourage you to give it a try. There are SO many things we can do with our students during this time that we just don’t have time during their weekly lessons. That is a benefit in itself and I haven’t even shared my top 3 yet! Retain summer income (or make […]

Getting Parents Involved in Your Groups!

This week was one of my all time favorite group lessons! The reason? I had a special guest come to present to my students. The special guest was a Dad of 3 students I teach. I knew he had a pretty cool music background and a lot of instruments but it wasn’t until I had him come in did I really get to experience the wealth of knowledge and experiences he had to share. This made me think, what other hidden talents do my other parents have that would be fun for them to share with my students? Have any […]

Group Made Fun: Christmas Lessons and More!

Halloween isn’t over yet and I’m already talking about Christmas! Well as you know teachers need to be ahead of the game so we are prepared! Over 10+ years ago, I started what I call “Christmas camp” in my studio. For the first two weeks in December my students come once a week for 2 hours each day. I started doing this after being frustrated with all the no shows, cancellations and lack of preparation from my students during this month. I felt there was a better way to enjoy the holidays and allow my students to enjoy them as well. […]

Tech Tuesday: Class DoJo

As much as I enjoy holding group lessons and camps they can be exhausting. More in the last 5 years then I ever remember. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe the kids don’t take authority as well, maybe it’s a combination of the two. Now mind you it’s not all my classes that I have problems with. I’ve noticed it’s usually due to particular high maintenance students being in the same group of each other. For example, I could have 4 different groups of kids totally getting along, totally respectful of the teacher and eachother, no problems. My lesson plan goes […]