Light Up The March From The Nutcracker

Last week was our first week of our Nutcracker Christmas camp. One of my favorite activities is using flashlights to help the kids learn about the musical form. Before we bring out the flashlights, I have them pick out the A, B and C sections. Before camp, I had bought and cut up squares of red and green cellophane (I bought mine at Michaels). So when we were ready, I gave the students some squares to fasten with rubber bands over their flashlight. (I had them bring their own flashlight but I had some extra’s just in case). A little tip […]

Win a TpT Gift Card PLUS Cyber Monday Deals!

  It’s Cyber Monday tomorrow!  Who needs some extra cash to spend on the TPT sitewide sale? You do? Well, head on over to this Facebook post and enter to win a $10 TPT Gift Card. I’m collaborating with some other teachers so you can have multiple chances to win! It’s a hop which means you can literally win a gift card from more than one store! Feeling lucky? Winners will be announced tomorrow after 8pm EST so you will still have some time to spend it if you win! Enter here. Good luck! Then remember to visit the Music Educator […]

The Power of Praise in Students Practice

  Think of the last time someone praised you on something you accomplished whether big or small. When was the last time you received an email or perhaps a note in the mail from someone saying how proud they are of you? Or perhaps offered a word of encouragement for something you were struggling with? Now think of how it made you feel? Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, cites a study that says when children first start school, they score up to 80% in the self-esteem category. By the time they reach 5th grade, the children scored only […]

Performance, Games and Activity Ideas For Halloween

  Saturday was my yearly Halloween Piano Festival. It’s my most favorite performance of the year! I love fall! It is my favorite time of year. The weather starts to cool down (still waiting on that one since it reached 94 yesterday- but at least we are out of the triple digits!) and we kick off some fun performance opportunities for the year! I love to dress up too and this year since I had a Hollywood theme going on, I decided to dress up as one of my favorite old hollywood actresses, Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo in “I Love Lucy!” I […]

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate Sale for Me!

Ahoy Matey’s! Did you know that tomorrow is “Talk Like a Pirate” day? Have your students compose a sea chanty storybook with A Pirates Life or review musical symbols with I Spy Musical Treasure Hunt or Ahoy Matey’s. They are all 20% off today! Check all of them out here. Need some help in talking like a pirate? Check out this website.  

TpT Gift Card Winner!

I had a BLAST reading everyone’s answers to the TpT Giftcard Facebook Hop! Thank you for participating. We have a winner for the $10 gift card! Check your Facebook message inbox for details! Congratulations!!! And be sure to check and see if you won from any of the other pages that participated in the hop as well! Remember to take advantage of the sale tomorrow! And don’t forget that discount code: ONEDAY 

Best Year Ever TpT Gift Card Giveaway and More!

I just finished my first week back at lessons. It was good, but students quickly reminded me that they aren’t quite in that “back to lessons” mode. I do keep that in mind when I plan for the first week and we do review things to get back in the groove. This year I gave students a fun lead sheet book, Cod Webster, by TeachPianoToday. And for my younger students that needed a bit of note review, we went through Nuts about Note Reading. I just added that one to ForScore on the iPad and we read and played together […]

Best Year Ever (Sale and Giveaway)!

I’m super excited because I truly feel that this year is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER! It is the year that I will be expecting mindful and purposeful practicing from my students in the You’re A Star! program. It is the year that my music lab will be so organized with purposeful assignments each week that will allow students to set goals and reflect on their progress. (More on that will be revealed REAL SOON!) How about you? Will it be your BEST YEAR EVER too? I’ve been working hard in creating helpful resources that will lead you to this […]

Purposeful Practice

  One of my favorite things to talk about and create things for is practice. I’ve created lots of different practice tools for my students over the years after all it is something they must do if they want to get better, right? I think one reason I find the subject so fascinating is that despite all our efforts as teachers, there is still those students that just don’t do it. Why do you think that is? Well we can spend quite a bit of time speculating and as we know the reasons will vary depending on the student. But […]

Don’t Let These Slip By…

Happy Canada day to all you teachers in Canada! I have lots of fabulous teacher friends from Canada! Isn’t it awesome that we can meet and keep in touch with teachers from all over the world nowadays? It’s pretty amazing! I’m over in the U.S. celebrating 4th of July coming up Monday. There are several deals that you will want to take advantage of so I thought I would quickly share them… 1- First, let’s start off with a FREEBIE! I have a BRAND NEW product that is FREE through July 4th. After you check them out here, be sure to check […]