Music Teacher Tip #22 Part 3: Transfer Students Introductory Lesson Evaluations

Here is the final tip in the 3 part lesson evaluation series. In Part 3, I share what I like to evaluate and assess with transfer students who have had lessons before.     Did you miss Part 1 or 2? View them below… Music Teacher Tip #20: Early Childhood Introductory Lesson Evaluations Music Teacher Tip #21: New Beginners Introductory Lesson Evaluations

ASMTA Conference: Transfer Students

Transfer Students- Lee Galloway (Notes from conference…)  Concert pianists study- There was usually a distinct difference between beginner teacher and intermediate teacher. Beginning- fun, relaxed, love of the music, (usually no technique exercises), etc. Intermediate- Intense, musical detail A number of students remarked that if they would have started with their intermediate teacher they would have quit. When/how to orchestrate that shift…? Should be a gradual shift. Start with the love and music and then gradually add in the technique exercises etc. Ask: -Are you currently taking lessons? -Why are you switching teachers? If they won’t or can’t answer. Ask […]