Using Technology to Improve Student Retention

Have you received your May/June of Clavier Companion yet? Did you notice the article on page 28? I had the opportunity to participate with a group of wonderful teachers that are sharing a series of articles addressing the future of piano teaching. My article is part...

Blog Makeover (updated IOS apps and more!)

Last week I was busy with a new template for my blog so I can add pages. This is something I wanted to do for awhile but my current template wouldn't allow. So without further au du... you will now find at the top of the blog the following pages... Home- Where you...

Tech Tuesday: iPad VGA Adapter

Just a little tool tip this week for Tech Tuesday. I am using a free app called Christmas Cyber Scramble during Christmas camp this week. (By the way you can also play this game on the computer!) I use my projector a lot during camps/workshops and wanted to be able to...

Tech Tuesdays- The Projector

Last summer I invested in a projector.  I kept borrowing one from a friend at church and realized that it has proven it's usefulness for me to invest.  I thought I would share what I have used my projector for. 1. Speaking Presentations - I have presented to several...




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