ASMTA Conference: Ensembles, Duets and Technology…. Oh My!

Lori Frazer knows what she is talking about when it comes to midi and the features of the Yamaha Clavinova. Lori shared, “We lose 78% of students between level 1 and level 2.” (This is based on music sales) It’s up to us to come up with things that we can do with our students to help prevent them from quitting so early. I would like to share my top 3 tips that stood out to me in this presentation when it comes to ensembles, duets and technology… 1) To be an effective duet partner, learn the other person’s part.  I really loved this […]

Using Technology to Improve Student Retention

Have you received your May/June of Clavier Companion yet? Did you notice the article on page 28? I had the opportunity to participate with a group of wonderful teachers that are sharing a series of articles addressing the future of piano teaching. My article is part of this series and can be found in the May/June edition of Clavier Companion! Don’t get Clavier Companion? Get a digital copy of this issue for free. Just click here. There is a lot of great articles in this issue. Clavier Companion is my favorite magazine. Relevant and engaging articles for piano teachers to […]

Tech Tuesday: The Real Reason Teens Are Quitting Your Studio – Part 3: Technology!

I am excited to have Tim Topham as a guest today for our Tech Tuesday feature. He has a terrific blog that you should visit. His posts in this series have been spot on, be sure to check all of them out! Teenagers and Technology – a match made in heaven This is the last article in a 3-part series I’ve been writing about retaining and motivating teenage piano students. The initial idea for the series was borne out of feedback I received from readers of my free Teen Teaching Toolkit eBook. I found that despite their best efforts, many teachers didn’t […]

Tech Tuesday: Moosic Studio Update (and giveaway!)

I am excited to announce that the version 1.1 update that everyone has been waiting for with the iPad app, Moosic Studio is officially live and kicking! Yes, teachers Moosic Studio now includes invoicing and more! So let’s find out what everyone will see with the new update. I know billing was the most anticipated, so we will begin there. There are 3 main new features related to billing: 1. Invoicing- (hoorah!) This feature has been one that teachers have been chomping at the bit for. With this feature, teachers will be able to invoice for any period of time. […]

Blog Makeover (updated IOS apps and more!)

Last week I was busy with a new template for my blog so I can add pages. This is something I wanted to do for awhile but my current template wouldn’t allow. So without further au du… you will now find at the top of the blog the following pages… Home– Where you will find the recent posts. IOS Music apps– having this page will make it much easier for me to update on a regular basis. Eventually this will include links, but I wanted to get this page up right away. Presentations– These are presentations I have given to […]

Tech Tuesday: iPad VGA Adapter

Just a little tool tip this week for Tech Tuesday. I am using a free app called Christmas Cyber Scramble during Christmas camp this week. (By the way you can also play this game on the computer!) I use my projector a lot during camps/workshops and wanted to be able to project this app so all the students can see it. The iPad VGA adapter is just what I needed for this. I just plug it from my projector to my iPad and it mirrors everything that is on my iPad so all the students can see the app. Love it! Just […]

Tech Tuesday: Updated IOS App List

A few weeks ago I presented my “There’s an App For That!” presentation for a local music teachers association and updated my app list. I thought I would share the updated list of apps that I enjoy. Feel free to download. There’s an App for That

Tech Tuesdays- The Projector

Last summer I invested in a projector.  I kept borrowing one from a friend at church and realized that it has proven it’s usefulness for me to invest.  I thought I would share what I have used my projector for. 1. Speaking Presentations – I have presented to several music teachers groups. Most of them do not have a projector available, so it comes in handy to own one for power point presentations.  (This is the initial reason I started borrowing one) 2. Workshops/Group Lessons– Last summer I did a Roots of Rhythm workshop for my students. I wanted to show […]