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Tech Tuesday: NinGenius Music iOS app

Tech Tuesday: NinGenius Music iOS app

There is a fairly new music app in the app store and it is a lot of fun! If you have any students that enjoy the martial arts, this will most likely be a favorite. NinGenius has 3 different purchase options to choose from. The Student edition ($2.99) is for individual...

Tech Tuesday: BobClass iPad app

(Side note: I have to start off this review by thanking the creators of BobClass for being so patient. They had contacted me to review their app last August. I've been backlogged on reviews and was hoping to get it done over the holidays, but it didn't happen. So now...

More Music Apps 2

So the subject of music apps have come up on the online message boards recently and I thought I had most music apps that were out there.  But then Sandra Bowen posted some of the one's that she enjoys (Thanks Sandra!) and my eyes lit up to all these apps I weren't...

tech tuesday

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