summer camps
Running Your First Summer Camp

Running Your First Summer Camp

Running Your First Summer Camp Podcast I had the fabulous opportunity to be interviewed by Tim Topham for one of his podcast episodes. If you are not familiar with Tim and all that he has to offer, you must check him out. On his website you will find great podcasts,...

Revisiting: Summer Camps and Workshops

Since summer is quickly coming upon us, I thought I would revisit a few posts I wrote last year on summer camps and workshops. Part 1 of 3 Part 2 of 3 Part 3 of 3 This summer I am using Sheryl Welles camp, Road Trip USA. I won't be able to get through all of it, so I...

Be Our Guest! Summer Camps

This month's guest is a piano teacher from Tucson AZ, Lynnette Barney. I'm happy to have her as a guest blogger this month. Summer is quickly approaching and she has some fun ideas to help spark some ideas for your studio. SUMMER CAMPS I really enjoyed last month’s Be...

summer camps

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