5 Benefits for Teaching Online Lessons

Teaching online lessons can be a little scary as there are some things that could go wrong. However, there is so much more that can go right! I wanted to share some benefits that I have found as I have taught online lessons over the years. Location Doesn’t Matter Because the location doesn’t matter it, online lessons opens up lots of possibilities! One of your students moving? You can continue teaching them! You have to move? Offer online lessons! Student sick or parent can’t bring student? Do an online lesson! Which brings me to another benefit why the location doesn’t […]

TMTA Convention 2019: Expand Your Horizons Part 1

I had the opportunity to fly to Houston and present at the Texas Music Teachers Association Convention. I have always wanted to check it out and I was looking forward to my time there. My only regret was not spending more time. It was a super quick turn around trip. I had less than 48 hours from the time I flew in to the time I flew out to take it all in. Upon arriving I was overwhelmed by the size of the hotel when I walked inside. It was huge! It didn’t take me long to figure out that […]

Music Teacher Tip #17: Missed Lessons

One of the most common questions I see or hear from independent music teachers is, “what do you do when a student needs to miss a lesson?” OR “Do you do make-up lessons?” I don’t do make-up lessons. Matter of fact, I am strongly against them. I don’t know where the idea for make-ups even got started but there really is no reason for them especially nowadays when there are SO many things we can do instead. In this new music teacher tip, I will share 4 different win-win solutions when a student (or teacher) needs to miss a lesson. […]

Just Ask Jennifer Live #6

Today I went live answering the following question on Just Ask Jennifer! Question: Why do you not do make-up lessons? And what do you do instead? Why? You can hear my answers and catch the recording here. Feel free to add your own comments in the thread and share what you do!   Do you have a question you would like answered? (Click picture below) If I don’t have an answer for you, I will do my best to find someone who can help! Coming soon! A new online course that ALL music teachers can benefit from. Whether you are a private music […]

Be Our Guest: Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, Oh My!

I’m really excited to introduce our guest this month. Sarah Lyngra will be blogging about online lessons. She has a lot of experience in this so you will want to read her post! Also I would highly recommend her online course available at TeachPianoOnline.com. The course, Create Effective Lesson Make-up Videos in 45 Minutes or Less was very helpful as I started doing make-up video lessons this year. (See blog post here.) There were several tips that I learned that I hadn’t thought of. Sarah has more courses in the works so check back often! And be sure to sign up for […]

Tech Tuesday: Online or Video Lesson Option

This is what my studio families received this year. (Click to see it bigger) I don’t do make ups in my studio. Students have the option to exchange with another family if they can and I include bonus group lessons quarterly for the year. They can consider that a make up if they want or a bonus. But this year I decided to give another option that would not kidnap any of my personal time if a student should miss a lesson. First I started out with a FaceTime or Skype option. So if they couldn’t make it due to […]