If you missed this post a couple days ago, you may have missed that The Most Addicting Sheep Game is BACK in action! Now if you don't have this game yet, you may be asking yourself... What's the BIG DEAL Anyway? Well... Simply put, there is a reason why the word...

Tech Tuesday: HanonPlus iPad app

This year my students will be using a brand new app that is out called HanonPlus. HanonPlus is by the same creators of SightReadPlus and SightRead minor. If you missed those reviews you can find them below. SightReadPlus Review SightReadMinor Review HanonPlus has a...

MMF Piano Primer iPad App

Andy Fling, creator of the Making Music Fun website has created a new iPad app, MMF Piano Primer. If you are familiar with the Making Music Fun website you will know that it offers a lot of free resources for teachers. Music, certificates, games, charts and more! In...

Want to play MLC on your iPad?

Want to play MusicLearningCommunity.com on your iPad? It is possible! All you need is an app that allows for 'flash' games. A couple years ago I had downloaded iSwifter. At the time it was a set price, but from what I hear now it is free to download and then it's an...




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