Are Your Favorite Apps Going Away?

This week I’ve been in mourning because I have over 200 apps on my iPad that will no longer work when I update to iOS 11.  That is crazy!!! I thought I would share the list of my personal music apps that won’t work on iOS 11. I would say that I probably use about 1/3 to 1/2 of these apps (yes I’m an app-a-holic) but boy some of them are painful to see! All of these apps listed are currently (as of the writing of this post) 32-bit apps. iOS 11 requires the app to be 64 bit in […]

Group Lessons Goes Tech!

Back in 2011, I bought a projector. It was probably one of the best investments I made for my studio because I use it ALL the time in group lessons and camps. It has opened up a lot of possibilities of different activities I can do with my students. You can hook a projector up to your iPad or Tablet, laptop, computer… show a powerpoint, pdf, movie, website and more! (More on projectors later) Now if you have an Apple TV (which I do but it’s in a room I don’t always want my students to go to) a lot of […]

There’s an App for That! *Updated*

I’m happy to say that my app page is updated! I didn’t realize how long it has been since I have updated the list. I first went through each link to make sure the apps listed were still available and found a good 25+ apps that sadly weren’t. 🙁 So those have been removed. Then I added in some apps that weren’t on the list yet. You will find a list of over 250 iOS (iTunes) apps! If you know of a “must have” app that should belong on that list, let me know. But first, please check if the […]