2018 MTNA Pics and Disney Fun

I thought I would share some of my favorite parts of MTNA beyond the classes. Visiting the exhibits and spending time with other teachers!         After the conference, my husband met me Wednesday morning to stay a few more days at Disney for some fun! We were able to visit all 4 parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios). Plus we went to Universal for a day to check out the newest Harry Potter ride. After we spent some time at the Animal Kingdom, we checked into the Carribean Resort since Coronado wouldn’t let us stay […]

2018 MTNA Tuesday and Wednesday

CAROL MATZ- INTERACTIVE PIANO SHOWCASE Carol gave a great showcase of her method, Interactive Piano. She recently released level 3. What makes level 3 unique is it includes a Pro Piano Skills section in the PDF downloads where students are learning how to play from lead sheets, chord charts, improvisation, notation, and composition. So awesome!!! You can read my review of Carol’s method here. I will be reviewing level 3 soon, but in the meantime, you can check it out here. THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT OF WALT DISNEY AND THE INDEPENDENT TEACHER  Karen Thickstun   There are a lot of good lessons […]

2018 MTNA Monday

The morning presentations on Monday were filled with 20 min. “fast track” presentations and I have to say that these were among my favorite presentations at MTNA! So much so that I had really wished the presenters had the full hour. There was no wasting time for sure. GET PSYCHED TO ACHIEVE GREATNESS  Charles Blanchard   I met Charles in the exhibit hall where he was exhibiting his book, Postive Piano: History’s Greatest Pianists On How to Succeed Wildly in Life.   (affiliate link) After I talked to him about his book (of which I ended up purchasing), I was intrigued and looked […]

2018 MTNA Sunday

BRINGING THE WISDOM OF MR. MIYAGI William Westney One of my favorite movies from the 80’s was Karate Kid. Yes, I confess I had a little crush on “Daniel.” I was really looking forward to this presentation and anxious to see where it would go. If you are not familiar with the movie, it’s definitely worth watching. William Westney showed clips of the movie to give context to what wisdom we can learn from Daniel’s teacher, Mr. Miyagi. In one of the first scenes between Mr. Miyagi and “Daniel, son” as he liked to call him, Daniel is curious to […]

2018 MTNA Pedagogy Saturday Highlights (Part 2)

TEACHING ADULTS Part 1- Nan Baker Richardson Part 2- Amanda “Mandy” Schlegel Part 1- Reading on the grand staff Reading on the grand staff can be confusing to an adult learner. Tells adults, “All of you are new to this. You are proficient at what you do and what you are good at because that is your profession. This is my profession, I don’t expect you to fully grasp, understand everything and that’s okay….” (So true!) I loved Nan’s brilliant analogy’s to help understand reading on the grand staff. She likened the grand staff to telling time. Time is am or […]

2018 MTNA Pedagogy Saturday Highlights (Part 1)

Pedagogy Saturday is something I look forward to at MTNA. If you aren’t familiar with pedagogy Saturday, it is an extra option you can register for.  Classes are divided into what they call a track. This year the following tracks were offered: Musician Wellness– this year focusing on the mind and body. Recreational Music Making– this year featured practical applications and fun creative tips to make teaching more effective and fulfilling. RMM is mostly for group teaching but many of the ideas can be adapted to fit your studio. Teaching Artistry and Technique– this year focusing on sound as it […]