Music Brain Breaks BUNDLE


Brain breaks are the perfect cards to use when you notice students are no longer engaged, as a reward for doing so well or a fun musical activity! Simply take a brain break by choosing a card and following the directions. Use as many and as often as needed. You do not need to use all the cards. If a card is not appropriate for a particular student, choose another. If a card is not relevant to any of your students, don’t include it.This bundle includes 100 music brain breaks for mixed ages. Both color or black in white options are included.

PLEASE NOTE: A handful of the older student cards include QR codes to get you started with the ideas. The QR codes included are to create a jump start into the brain break activity if you aren’t sure what to do, or to help provide some inspiration. You do not need to use the QR codes, nor need to watch the entire video. Review them in advance so you know for sure if you want to use them or not. If you decide not to use them, simply ignore the QR code OR copy the text from the card into a blank template and use that instead. If the videos are no longer available, please send me an email.

WARNING! Some of the brain break activities could potentially take over the lesson and/or you may run out of time to finish. Remember what is most important… If students are enjoying the activity, keep going! If you run out of time and they can’t experience the activity to the fullest, continue the following week or encourage students to continue the activity at home. Have them prepare to share with you the following week what they were able to accomplish. There is so much room for creativity with these activities. You can use them in lab, a music station, a lesson, at home… go outside the box!

PDF and PowerPoint

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