Tonara recently announced a new platform that will allow students to find and connect with teachers and it’s FREE!

  • Do you want to find online students? This platform will help students find and connect to you!
  • Do you want students to come to your home or you travel to theirs? This platform will help students find and connect to you!
  • Teach private lessons? Teach group lessons? This platform will help students find and connect to you!
  • Don’t have room for more students, but do have some time between lessons during the week to be more a practice coach? Students could send a recording for feedback or simply ask you a question about something they don’t understand. You simply reply when you can. No set schedule is needed. This platform will help students find and connect to you!

Once a student contacts you, Tonara is no longer involved. This means you can charge what you want to charge, take payment how you want to take payment, enforce your policies how you want to enforce your policies, etc. Tonara is not involved in any of this! It’s simply Tonara’s way of helping both teacher and students find each other!

Can we say WIN-WIN?!!

So what are you waiting for? The marketplace is now live! Register for your free Tonara Connect teacher account here.

And if you haven’t heard of the Tonara Studio practice app, you must check that out as well. The Tonara practice app makes it possible for teachers to communicate with students in a more efficient and fun way. Sign up for your 30-day free trial. Add in the coupon code: musiceducatorresources20 so if you decide to move forward you will receive 20% off your first year!


Tonara Studio  Helps Teachers engage practice and communicate with students
Tonara Connect Helps Teachers get students that might go to the DIY option for lack of a better option
Tonara Focus Community – A place for all music teachers to communicate and exchange
I am a supportive affiliate of Tonara. 


  1. Susan

    Thanks…need to learn about Tonara!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      You are welcome, Susan. There are several posts about Tonara on the blog. Just type “Tonara” in the search bar and you will find them. 🙂


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