As we begin another school year, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about boundary setting. While boundaries may come across as a negative thing, it is actually a very positive and healthy thing to establish. Establishing clear boundaries means you are establishing clear communication. You are putting expectations on the front line and in doing so, you will find they will respect them and you for the clear communication.

People will push boundaries as far as you will let them.

That is great news! You are probably thinking to yourself, huh?! It’s great because the key word in that sentence is “YOU!” Chances are there may be someone that eventually will “test” a boundary. Don’t be suprised when it comes because it will, if it hasn’t yet. But the good news is you are the one that determines how far a boundary will be pushed. You don’t need to have anyone cross any boundary that you set if you don’t want them to. Isn’t that great news?

In today’s music teacher tip video I will share…

  • How to establish boundaries to begin with
  • Some example boundaries that I have set for my own studio
  • The benefits boundaries can bring to your life, your teaching and your business.



Do you need additional help in establishing boundaries?