5 Benefits for Teaching Video Lessons

Video lessons are a little different from online lessons. Online is connecting live with a student and video is when you are recording a lesson for a student to watch at a later time. Many of the benefits in providing a video lessons for students are very similar to online lessons. If you caught the last post when I went through a list of benefits for teaching online lessons, the main categories will be the same, but you will notice the benefits will be different


Location Doesn’t Matter

When providing a video lesson for a student, it really doesn’t matter if they are home or not. You are recording a lesson and then sending them a link to watch later at their convenience.


Because you can provide a video lesson when a student needs to miss their lesson, there is no reason to lose any income! Do they have a dentist appointment scheduled on their lesson day/time? No need to make up the lesson (please don’t), instead record and send them a video lesson.

Win-win Solution

Video lessons solves SO many problems. If an online lesson isn’t feasible, video lesson to the rescue! (See less policy stress below)


When students are watching a video lesson, they can really take their time. As they are watching, they can pause and try it out immediately. Then play, rewind and the cycle can repeat as many times as they need. The next day, if they need to hear or watch you again, they can! It’s like having their own practice coach that week.

Less Policy Stress

Besides payment issues (mentioned in the 5 Benefits for Teaching Video Lessons), make-up lessons is another big policy stress that teachers have. No reason to do make-up lessons when you have video and online lesson options. Hoorah!


Video lessons have truly become a win-win solution for my studio. Like online lessons, the key is to keep things simple and just go for it! If you would like some guidance in getting started or some tips for keeping it simple, I’d like to invite you to enroll in my course, Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online and Video Lessons. Just click below to get started now!


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