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Today I am reviewing a fun product you can find in the Music Teacher Store called Leap Frog Card Game.

Created by Emily Hibbert, Leap Frog is a fun grand staff note reading game that helps students learn and review their notes on the grand staff. It reinforcing notes from the lower ledger G line to the upper ledger F line. Leap Frog is an interactive card game that gets the students saying the note names, recognizing them visually on staff and literally gets them moving; reinforcing auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning skills.

Leap Frog is based on the Rainbow Note Reading Program which is a color coded method for teaching location and separation of octaves on the Grand Staff. When you receive the game, the cards will come in sheets where you can laminate them so they will last longer and then cut them. (I wish I would have thought to laminate before I cut mine) It will also come with a helpful sheet that explains the rainbow note reading program since the game is based on the colored program. (I did laminate this!)


Similar in Uno style, students will find and play cards based on the same color or note group, or a card with an instruction on it. What makes this game stand out are the instruction cards. The instruction cards allows for an interactive experience and really makes the game a ton of fun!


Here is a fun example of one of my students playing this game when he received this card…




If your students are too “mature” for that, no worries, they can still move on with the game. But it really is fun to be silly too!

Students win the game when they have the least amount of points in their hand when the game is over. (Either when someone runs out of cards, or it’s time for the game to stop).

The Leap Frog Card Game is available at the Music Teacher Store here.

EmilyHibbertEmily Hibbert is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music.  She began teaching piano at the age of 13 and has continued for 36 years.  She studied Piano Pedagogy at Utah State University and taught at the University Conservatory for children.

Hibbert is the owner of The Grand Staff Piano Studio and the author/publisher of The Alpha Series, a curriculum that helps teachers maximize their time and effectiveness by teaching children in groups.  Originally based in Utah, the curriculum has been taught by many teachers in states across the nation. This curriculum was evaluated as part of her national certification. She is also a co author of the first two editions of Adventures in Music camp curriculums. Emily has developed several teaching aids and card games that are sold nationally.

Hibbert has given numerous presentations on Group teaching and Creative Scheduling for music teachers at local chapters and state conventions.  She has hosted many motivational seminars teaching skills to maximize quality of teaching on a national basis. 

Emily enjoys coaching intermediate and advanced 5 Piano ensembles as part of her teaching studio in Middleton Idaho.  She and her husband Dale have 6 children, who frequently perform together in 5 Piano, 2 piano and duet teams.  Emily teaches group and private students of all levels.

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  1. ahjacobahjacob

    Thanks so much for the review. Looks like a fun game. I order it.


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