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Today I am reviewing one of Susan’s Seminars for Music Teachers, Maximizing One-on-One Time with Your Students. All of Susan’s Seminars can be found in the Music Teacher Store.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 11.56.08 AMI was excited about this particular seminar as it is a common frustration many teachers can relate to. Limited time, a ton of resources, how to fit it all in? In this seminar, Susan focuses on 3 things to for teachers to consider: Dedication, Energy and Organization.

Susan “speaks” to us in this printable seminar as if we were in the same room listening to her give the seminar. Her tone is warm, caring and helpful. She shares personal experiences that can help us connect and relate to her. And most importantly, in this seminar, Susan gives a breakdown of a typical 30 min. lesson in her studio. Her students accomplish quite a bit because she is very efficient with her time.

Susan uses a report card system with her students. I have always wondered how doing a report card in the studio would work with my students and it sounds like it has been very successful in her studio. Maximizing One-on-One Time with Your Students includes Susan’s report card and how to use it.

Maximizing One-on-One Time with Your Students is a 14 page downloadeable pdf packet. You can hear Susan explain a little more about this seminar by watching this short video clip.

You can check out Maximizing One-on-One Time with Your Students and the other seminars Susan offers in the Music Teacher Store here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 11.56.39 AMSusan Nicholes grew up hearing her mother, Jane Calder, giving piano lessons in the basement studio of their Salt Lake City home.   Who knew that Susan would become a second generation piano teacher and that her children too would hear piano lessons in their home after school.   Music is in her blood, which makes sense with her rich musical heritage.  On her father’s side is renowned organ maker, David O. Calder, and also her great-great-great grandfather,  John M. Parry, the singing Welshman, who was the founder of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  

Susan has been a piano teacher for over 23 years and is currently working towards her National Certification.  Susan and her mother, Jane Calder have taught piano teaching workshops and seminars to teachers throughout both Utah and Idaho.  They have shared Jane’s wonderful games and music materials and also their philosophy of being great music teachers.  Following one of these workshops in Orem, Utah, a handful of teachers approached Susan asking for more information about continued education and information on how to be a better music teacher.  Susan  went home and immediately put together some great curriculum and a title for her seminars, ”Susan’s Seminars for Music Teachers”.  She has been teaching these mentoring seminars in her home-based studio for the past 5 years.   Being a professional mentor for other music teachers has been one of the most satisfying parts of Susan’s 23-year career in the music field.  You can read more about Susan here. 


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