Are Your Favorite Apps Going Away? PART 2

This is a “part 2” to the original post, Are Your Favorite Apps Going Away? This last week I have been contacting app publishers/developers like crazy hoping to find out if they have any plans on updating their 32-bit app to 64-bit so it will work on iOS11. I thought I would share who I have heard from and what I have found out. Keep in mind, I have not heard back from everyone by my deadline, so I will come back to this post and update it as I receive more responses.   Audio Ninja- Sad news about Audio […]

Are Your Favorite Apps Going Away?

This week I’ve been in mourning because I have over 200 apps on my iPad that will no longer work when I update to iOS 11.  That is crazy!!! I thought I would share the list of my personal music apps that won’t work on iOS 11. I would say that I probably use about 1/3 to 1/2 of these apps (yes I’m an app-a-holic) but boy some of them are painful to see! All of these apps listed are currently (as of the writing of this post) 32-bit apps. iOS 11 requires the app to be 64 bit in […]

Group Lessons Goes Tech!

Back in 2011, I bought a projector. It was probably one of the best investments I made for my studio because I use it ALL the time in group lessons and camps. It has opened up a lot of possibilities of different activities I can do with my students. You can hook a projector up to your iPad or Tablet, laptop, computer… show a powerpoint, pdf, movie, website and more! (More on projectors later) Now if you have an Apple TV (which I do but it’s in a room I don’t always want my students to go to) a lot of […]

There’s an App for That! *Updated*

I’m happy to say that my app page is updated! I didn’t realize how long it has been since I have updated the list. I first went through each link to make sure the apps listed were still available and found a good 25+ apps that sadly weren’t. 🙁 So those have been removed. Then I added in some apps that weren’t on the list yet. You will find a list of over 250 iOS (iTunes) apps! If you know of a “must have” app that should belong on that list, let me know. But first, please check if the […]

Tech Tuesday: NoteWorks now available on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Exactly one year tomorrow I reviewed what is now one of my favorite note reading apps I like to use with my students. NoteWorks. You can read the original review here. I’m excited to announce that if you do not currently own an iPad, you can now download NoteWorks on your iPhone or iPod Touch! I played around with it on my iPhone and it is the same great program, albeit everything is smaller. Overall I prefer to play most of my piano game apps on the iPad, but for families who don’t own one, this is a great recommendation […]

Tech Tuesday: Updated IOS App List

A few weeks ago I presented my “There’s an App For That!” presentation for a local music teachers association and updated my app list. I thought I would share the updated list of apps that I enjoy. Feel free to download. There’s an App for That

More Music Apps 2

So the subject of music apps have come up on the online message boards recently and I thought I had most music apps that were out there.  But then Sandra Bowen posted some of the one’s that she enjoys (Thanks Sandra!) and my eyes lit up to all these apps I weren’t aware of.  So exciting!  I just had to share them with all of you for Tech Tuesday! Treble Kids (this is a series of apps!) Sheet Music Treble Game Mozart Nota Rhythm Repeat Tenuto Scales and Modes Dolce Ear Trainer Young Music Genius Princess Piano Dr. Seuss Band […]