Review: Chicken Scream App

  There is a new app that’s out and is going viral. It is called Chicken Scream. The basic premise of the app is to allow your voice to control the chicken. Make a soft noise and the chicken walks, make a loud noise and the chicken jumps. I first heard about this app in the iPad Piano Teachers Group and my first thought was hilarious! My second thought of course was how well would this work with piano? So I tried it… As you can see this would be a fun app to use with students when teaching dynamics regardless what […]

Tech Tuesday: Dragon Scales

Speaking of Dragons (if you saw my post earlier today, you will know what I’m talking about)…  Dragon Scales, an iOS app for the iPad is on sale 40% off for the month of March. Dragon Scales is a fun way for students to review their scales. Students begin by playing the scale on the iPad keyboard. The goal is to play it up and down correctly before the dragon gets the knight. (Warning: sometimes boys like it when this happens) There are several speeds and game length options to choose from. So if a student is just learning a new scale they […]

Tech Tuesday: HanonPlus iPad app

This year my students will be using a brand new app that is out called HanonPlus. HanonPlus is by the same creators of SightReadPlus and SightRead minor. If you missed those reviews you can find them below. SightReadPlus Review SightReadMinor Review HanonPlus has a very similar feel to the other two apps I mentioned, which is nice. I appreciate that it allows you to log in more then one user (up to 50 users!) so individual students in your studio can keep track of their progress. You can use HanonPlus with an acoustic piano or keyboard. HanonPlus doesn’t require any […]

Tech Tuesday: NotateMe and NotateMe Now app

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about an iOS app and one that I have been wanting to write about is NotateMe. If you aren’t familiar with NotateMe, it is a composition app that recognizes handwriting and will put it in computer notation form. The thing that I like about this particularly app is that it gives students practice on how notation is written. Currently NotateMe is $21.99. As the app improves, the price goes up. (Right now it says that it is 25% off for a limited time.) Now the good news, if you want to simply use […]