Tech Tuesday: The Insider’s Guide to JoyTunes’ Piano Maestro

  Never oh never have I laughed so much when reading a guidebook. From the very beginning, to the very end, Becki Laurent will keep you smiling and laughing as she shares the ins and outs of Piano Maestro with “The Insider’s Guide to JoyTune’s Piano Maestro.” Becki doesn’t miss a beat in this guide. Whether you are new to Piano Maestro or a Novice, this guide is great to have on hand so when something happens that you are unsure what to do (chances it will be something technical technical), the answer is most likely in this book at just […]

Tech Tuesday: What’s new this week?

A few announcements you may or may not be aware happening online of that I thought I would share… 1) Daniel McFarlane has some exciting changes on his website! Daniel recently announced that all his pieces are now studio licenses! What does this mean? You can use his pieces with all your students in YOUR studio (not to be shared with other teachers) FOREVER! I LOVE studio licenses! Visit his site here for more specifics. Supersonics now has a rewards program. Check it out here. Daniel McFarlane recently released a Groovy Beats Megapack! Pieces like “Funky Chicken”, “Walkin’ the Dog”, […]

Be Our Guest: Can my iPad REALLY be used for piano practice? SERIOUSLY-REALLY?

You are in for a fun treat with our guest blogger today. Becki Laurent is full of positive energy and is a big proponent of staying relevant with our students. She offers some great tips on what she has used successfully with her students including her own kids. Enjoy today’s post… I’m a piano teacher.  I’ve been a tech girl since I was 3.  I had a Merlin. Do you remember that? It was red and looked like an old cell phone? My mom tells the story that on my 6th Christmas as I was opening my presents I said to […]