Group Lessons Goes Tech!

Back in 2011, I bought a projector. It was probably one of the best investments I made for my studio because I use it ALL the time in group lessons and camps. It has opened up a lot of possibilities of different activities I can do with my students. You can hook a projector up to your iPad or Tablet, laptop, computer… show a powerpoint, pdf, movie, website and more! (More on projectors later) Now if you have an Apple TV (which I do but it’s in a room I don’t always want my students to go to) a lot of […]

Teacher Appreciation Week!

  This week is teacher appreciation week! Teachers work so hard and I wanted to make sure I showed my appreciation to all of you! First with a fabulous freebie ($49 value)! Just click on the picture below to sign up! I actually published “The Basics of Starting a Music Lab” course a little early because I couldn’t help but make it available right away, but unless you just happened upon it or heard my little hint in “Just Ask Jennifer” or saw it in the newsletter a couple days ago, you might not have seen it yet. I’ve already received […]

Tech Tuesday: Kick it Up with Jennifer and Gail

Gail Fischler with had approached me a while back to see if I would like to “blab” with her sharing some teacher resources with everyone. I thought it would be fun so yesterday we did our first blab. Now if you have never heard of blab before, it is a free online tool (desktop or iOS app) where you can have a live video conversation with up to 4 people in the chat room. Those who aren’t “in” the video chat can still participate by leaving comments similar to periscope or Facebook live. (Speaking of which, did you see Just Ask […]

Google Drive- Registrations Made Easy!

Google Drive has been my go to “tech tool” lately. It is the season of registrations and I have been having a lot of fun creating registration documents on google forms. I’ve had my google drive account for years and have occasionally used it here and there but for some reason it wasn’t until this last year or so that I have really gone gang busters with it. This past year I have used it for (See screenshot examples. Examples are just a small portion of the form that would be filled out. Click on screenshot examples to enlarge) Summer Camp Registration […]

Tech Tuesday: NinGenius

Last June (has it been almost a year already?!) I reviewed an app called NinGenius. Since then NinGenius has been a favorite in the studio. If you haven’t heard of NinGenius, you will want to check out my original review here. If you plan on using it with your students I would recommend getting either the studio edition or the school edition. They both will keep track of students scores and progress. The school edition however will cover more than one instrument. So if you teach more than one instrument in your studio, I would go with the school edition. […]

Tech Tuesday: Student Proofing Your iPad

  While I would like to think that my students will do just as they are told and follow all the iPad Rules, there are extra precautions teachers can take to make sure students stay on task when they are using the iPad at lessons. Some of them you may be aware of, some might just make your day! Passcode I have a couple iPads (okay 3…). One is for my use only and the other 2 are available for students. For my personal iPad I don’t want my students going into it without permission. So I have set up an […]

Tech Tuesday: TMASG is BACK!!!

  Great news iOS lovers! The Most Addicting Sheep Game is BACK!!! This morning I woke up to a message in my inbox from Justin Southey, developer of the Most Addicting Sheep Game that the game was back. Justin was able to re-code the game which will make it easier for him to keep up with future support and updates. Keeping up is not cheap which is why the game took a backslide. But now with the new re-code it will make life a lot easier and that makes music teachers and students around the world VERY happy! Justin, a […]