Tech Tuesday: Note Rush App

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an app and I’m really excited to be sharing this review with you today. Note Rush is a note reading app that hears your instrument. With 3 themes to choose from (and more in the works!), it is super easy to use and fun! I wanted to do a video review for the first time. Be sure to watch to the end where you can see a student of mine playing the app and what happens after he tries all 3 themes. Note Rush App Review Note Rush is a motivating app that engages […]

Review: Little Gems for Piano

I have confession to make. I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to teaching by rote. It used to be that teaching by rote was looked at as a negative thing. It was thought if you taught by rote the child would not learn how to read music. Fast forward to recent years, I have seen that attitude change quite a bit and have since learned that there are numerous benefits to rote teaching. You can have the best of both worlds. Just this last week when choosing some halloween music with my students I came across a […]

Review: The Non-Musician’s Guide to Parenting a Piano Player

Peter Walsh, Australian pianist and author, recently published a book, The Non-Musician’s Guide to Parenting a Piano Player. I received a copy for review and I have to say that I am so glad I got a physical copy because there are two things that immediately stood out to me before I even opened the cover. First- I loved the soft cover. It felt good in my hands and I haven’t come across many books with this particular texture. Second- I love that this book is small enough (7 -3/4″ x 5″) to fit in a purse or bag so parents can take […]

Review: Fireworks in the Night

I am excited to share a children’s book with you, written by Sherry Miller called Fireworks in the Night. Fireworks in the Night is the first book in a series introducing the music of George Frideric Handel.  Fireworks in the Night is an entertaining and captivating story where Randy Raccoon, the main character in the book and quite the story teller, visits the farm animals on “Rock a Note” farm. Together they go on an adventure in the woods discovering magic and music. The book is colorful and attractive, full of beautiful illustrations by JohnM. Tatulli. Kids regardless of reading ability […]

Groove Your Theory

Leila Viss and Bradley Sowash have done a lot of fun projects together over the years. Every summer they hold a special session for teachers at their 88 Creative Keys workshop in Denver, Colorado. And most recently they will be holding a 2-hour webinar coming on April 22nd called “Groove Your Theory“. (It will be available to view later if you can’t make it that day) Now if the title itself didn’t sound like fun, you can be confidant to know that when you put these two together you are in for some super fun and creative ideas. The idea for the webinar stems from Bradley’s regular use […]

Review: So You Want to Play the Piano?

Melanie Spanswick, teacher, composer, author and blogger recently revised and updated her book, “So You Want to Play the Piano.” I have had the opportunity to review the revised edition and I wanted to share more with you. The book is geared towards parents and/or students that may be new to the piano lesson experience. But it includes much more than I expected from a “parent or student guide”. For this reason, I would recommend that teachers even have a copy of it in their studio if you have an area for parents to sit while their child is having a […]

A Review from Piano Bench Magazine

Karen Gibson reviewed my course, Make More Teach Less; A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp or Workshop in the March edition of The Piano Bench Magazine. If you aren’t familiar with the Piano Bench magazine… it is an app available in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store where you read it from your iPad or tablet. It is a quick read that is fun and relevant for piano teachers. Every month she has helpful articles, tips, reviews and even a recipe! This month is on Summer Camps and Group Lessons and has some wonderful articles inside. She also […]